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    • TiO2 thin film transistor by atomic layer deposition 

      Okyay, Ali Kemal; Oruç, Feyza B.; Çimen, Furkan; Aygün, Levent E. (SPIE, 2013)
      In this study, TiO2 films were deposited using thermal Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system. It is observed that asdeposited ALD TiO 2 films are amorphous and not suitable as TFT channel material. In order to use the film ...
    • Tunable visible response of ZnO thin-film phototransistors with atomic layer deposition technique 

      Aygün, Levent E.; Bozkurt-Oruç, Feyza; Okyay, Ali Kemal (IEEE, 2012)
      We fabricated TFPT with 14-nm-thick n-ZnO channel at 80°C by ALD technique. The drain to source photocurrent due to UV photons can be tuned by changing gate voltage. We also observed that the absorption of sub-bandgap ...