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    • Censoring the internet: the situation in Turkey 

      Altintas, K.; Aydin, T.; Akman, V. (First Monday Editorial Group, 2002-06-03)
      Censoring the Internet is quite prevalent, though the extent of this activity markedly differs from country to country. While some prohibit controversial sites such as those with explicit sexual images or blatantly racist ...
    • TL/OSL studies of Li2B4O7:Cu dosimetric phosphors 

      Aydin, T.; Demirtaş H.; Aydin, S. (2013)
      Dosimetric phosphors of Cu-doped lithium tetraborate (Li2B 4O7:Cu) were produced using a sintering technique in a laboratory environment and characterized using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-ray Diffractometry ...