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    • Grating coupler integrated photodiodes for plasmon resonance based sensing in fluidic systems 

      Türker, Burak; Güner, Hasan; Ayaş, Sencer; Ekiz, Okan O.; Acar, Handan; Güler, Mustafa O.; Dâna, Aykutlu (IEEE, 2011)
      We demonstrate an integrated sensor combining a grating-coupled plasmon resonance surface with a planar photodiode. Plasmon enhanced transmission is employed as a sensitive refractive index (RI) sensing mechanism and ...
    • Multispectral plasmonic structures using native aluminum oxide and aluminum 

      Ayaş, Sencer; Bakan, Gökan; Dana, Aykutlu (OSA, 2017)
      We report the use of native aluminum oxide to fabricate periodic metal-insulator-metal resonators with simultaneous resonances in the visible and IR wavelengths. The cavity size is in the order of λ3/25000 in the NIR.
    • Plasmonic absorbers for multispectral and broadband absorption 

      Ayaş, Sencer; Güner, Hasan; Türker, Burak; Ekiz, Öner; Dana, Aykutlu (SPIE, 2012)
      We present polarization dependent multispectral and broadband plasmonic absorbers in the visible spectrum. The spectral characteristics of these structures are tunable over a broad spectrum. Experimental results are verified ...