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    • Cluster searching strategies for collaborative recommendation systems 

      Altingovde, I. S.; Subakan, Ö. N.; Ulusoy, Özgür (2013)
      In-memory nearest neighbor computation is a typical collaborative filtering approach for high recommendation accuracy. However, this approach is not scalable given the huge number of customers and items in typical commercial ...
    • Cost-aware strategies for query result caching in Web search engines 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde, I. S.; Ulusoy, O. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2011)
      Search engines and large-scale IR systems need to cache query results for efficiency and scalability purposes. Static and dynamic caching techniques (as well as their combinations) are employed to effectively cache query ...
    • Diversity and novelty in web search, recommender systems and data streams 

      Santos, R. L. T.; Castells, P.; Altingovde, I. S.; Can, Fazlı (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-02)
      This tutorial aims to provide a unifying account of current research on diversity and novelty in the domains of web search, recommender systems, and data stream processing.
    • Exploiting navigational queries for result presentation and caching in Web search engines 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde, I. S.; Ulusoy, O. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011)
      Caching of query results is an important mechanism for efficiency and scalability of web search engines. Query results are cached and presented in terms of pages, which typically include 10 results each. In navigational ...
    • Incremental cluster-based retrieval using compressed cluster-skipping inverted files 

      Altingovde, I. S.; Demir, E.; Can, F.; Ulusoy, Özgür (Association for Computing Machinery, 2008-06)
      We propose a unique cluster-based retrieval (CBR) strategy using a new cluster-skipping inverted file for improving query processing efficiency. The new inverted file incorporates cluster membership and centroid information ...
    • Integrated segmentation and recognition of connected Ottoman script 

      Yalniz, I. Z.; Altingovde, I. S.; Güdükbay, Uğur; Ulusoy, Özgür (S P I E - International Society for Optical Engineering, 2009-11)
      We propose a novel context-sensitive segmentation and recognition method for connected letters in Ottoman script. This method first extracts a set of segments from a connected script and determines the candidate letters ...
    • Ottoman archives explorer: a retrieval system for digital Ottoman archives 

      Yalniz, I. Z.; Altingovde, I. S.; Güdükbay, Uğur; Ulusoy, Özgür (Association for Computing Machinery, 2009-12)
      This article presents Ottoman Archives Explorer, a Content-Based Retrieval (CBR) system based on character recognition for printed and handwritten historical documents. Several methods for character segmentation and ...
    • Second chance: a hybrid approach for dynamic result caching and prefetching in search engines 

      Ozcan, R.; Altingovde, I. S.; Cambazoglu, B. B.; Ulusoy, O. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2013-12)
      Web search engines are known to cache the results of previously issued queries. The stored results typically contain the document summaries and some data that is used to construct the final search result page returned to ...
    • Static index pruning in web search engines: combining term and document popularities with query views 

      Altingovde, I. S.; Ozcan, R.; Ulusoy, O. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2012)
      Static index pruning techniques permanently remove a presumably redundant part of an inverted file, to reduce the file size and query processing time. These techniques differ in deciding which parts of an index can be ...