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    • Query model for object-oriented databases 

      Alhajj, Reda; Arkun, M. Erol (IEEE, 1993-04)
      A query language should be a part of any database system. While the relational model has a well defined underlying query model, the object-oriented database systems have been criticized for not having such a query model. ...
    • Schema changes in an object-oriented database system 

      Alhajj, Reda; Arkun, M. Erol (ASME, 1992)
      Proper and efficient handling of schema changes is an important aspect of any object-oriented database management system. Clearly, it is desirable for an object-oriented database management system to satisfy as many schema ...
    • View maintenance in object-oriented databases 

      Alhajj, Reda; Polat, F. (Springer, 1996-09)
      in this paper, we present a model that facilitates view maintenance within object-oriented databases. For that purpose, we differentiate between two categories of classes, base classes and brother classes. While the former ...