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    • Optimization of F2 layer parameters using IRI-Plas model and IONOLAB Total Electron Content 

      Sahin O.; Sezen, U.; Arikan F.; Arıkan, Orhan; Aktug, B. (IEEE, 2011)
      In this study, the relation of the maximum ionization height (HmF2) and the critical frequency (FoF2) of F2 layer is examined within their parametric range through the International Reference Ionosphere extended towards ...
    • Space weather activities of IONOLAB group using TNPGN GPS Network 

      Aktug, B.; Lenk O.; Kurt, M.; Parmaksiz, E.; Ozdemir, S.; Arikan F.; Sezen, U.; Toker, C.; Arıkan, Orhan (IEEE, 2011)
      Characterization and constant monitoring of variability of the ionosphere is of utmost importance for the performance improvement of HF communication, Satellite communication, navigation and guidance systems, Low Earth ...
    • Space-time interpolation and automatic mapping of TEC using TNPGN-active 

      Arıkan, F.; Arıkan, Orhan; Sezen, U.; Toker, C.; Aktug, B.; Lenk, O.; Kurt ,M.; Parmaksız, E. (2011-08)
      Turkish National Permanent GPS Network (TNPGN) is the Reference Station Network of 146 continuously-operating GNSS stations o which are distributed uniformly across Turkey and North Cyprus Turkish Republic since May 2009. ...