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    • Associative memory design using overlapping decompositions 

      Akar, M.; Sezer, M. E. (Pergamon Press, 2001)
      This paper discusses the use of decomposition techniques in the design of associative memories via artificial neural networks. In particular, a disjoint decomposition which allows an independent design of lower-dimensional ...
    • Extreme geomagnetic field variability indicated by Eastern Mediterranean full-vector archaeomagnetic records 

      Ertepinar, P.; Hammond, M. L.; Hill, M. J.; Biggin, A. J.; Langereis, C. G.; Herries, A. I. R.; Yener, K. A.; Akar, M.; Gates, Marie-Henriette; Harrison, T.; Greaves, A. M.; Frankel, D.; Webb, J. M.; Özgen, İlknur; Yazıcıoğlu, G. B. (Elsevier, 2020-02-01)
      The magnetic field of the Earth can exhibit considerable variations at short time scales, even as short as decades. The archaeomagnetic studies of Middle Eastern artefacts (mainly from Israel and Jordan) show evidence for ...
    • Multi-stage neural networks with application to motion planning of a mechanical snake 

      Fidan, B.; Sezer, Erol; Akar, M. (IEEE, 2003-06)
      An efficient approach to nonlinear control problems in which the plant is to be driven to a desired state using a neural network controller in a number of steps is by representing the whole process as a multi - stage neural ...