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    • Rebel rivalry and the strategic nature of rebel group ideology and demands 

      Tokdemir, Efe; Sedashov, E.; Öğütçü-Fu, S. H.; Leon, C. E. M.; Berkowitz, J.; Akçınaroğlu, S. (SAGE Publications, 2021)
      How does the presence of multiple combatants affect rebel groups’ ideological and demand positioning? Although violent forms of inter-group conflict have been widely studied in the civil war literature, rebel groups’ ...
    • To instill fear or love: terrorist groups and the strategy of building reputation 

      Akçınaroğlu, S.; Tokdemir, Efe (SAGE, 2018)
      Why does one terrorist group employ actions that win the hearts and minds of its constituency while another resorts to tactics that alienate their support? The paper investigates terrorist groups’ strategy of building ...
    • ‘Wars of others’: national cleavages and attitudes toward external conflicts 

      Tokdemir, Efe; Akçınaroğlu, S.; Özen, H. E.; Karakoç, E. (Taylor and Francis, 2020)
      Why do individuals sympathize with others’ wars, an antecedent of the decision to become a foreign fighter? By collecting original public opinion data from Lebanon, in 2015, and Turkey in 2017, about the actors of conflict ...