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    • Efficient estimation of graph signals with adaptive sampling 

      Ahmadi, Mohammad Javad; Arablouei, R.; Abdolee, R. (IEEE, 2020)
      We propose two new least mean squares (LMS)-based algorithms for adaptive estimation of graph signals that improve the convergence speed of the LMS algorithm while preserving its low computational complexity. The first ...
    • Random spreading for unsourced MAC with power diversity 

      Ahmadi, Mohammad Javad; Duman, Tolga M. (IEEE, 2021-10-11)
      We propose an improvement of the random spreading approach with polar codes for unsourced multiple access, for which each user first encodes its message by a polar code, and then the coded bits are spread using a random ...
    • Unsourced random access with a massive MIMO receiver using multiple stages of orthogonal pilots 

      Ahmadi, Mohammad Javad; Duman, Tolga M. (IEEE, 2022)
      We study the problem of unsourced random access (URA) over Rayleigh block-fading channels with a receiver equipped with multiple antennas. We employ multiple stages of orthogonal pilots, each of which is randomly picked ...