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    • Efficient discovery of join plans in schemaless data 

      Acar, Aybar C.; Motro, A. (ACM, 2009-09)
      We describe a method of inferring join plans for a set of relation instances, in the absence of any metadata, such as attribute domains, attribute names, or constraints (e.g., keys or foreign keys). Our method enumerates ...
    • mESAdb: microRNA expression and sequence analysis database 

      Kaya, Koray D.; Karakülah, G.; Yakıcıer, Cengiz M.; Acar, Aybar C.; Konu, Özlen (Oxford University Press, 2011)
      MicroRNA expression and sequence analysis database (http://konulab.fen. (mESAdb) is a regularly updated database for the multivariate analysis of sequences and expression of microRNAs from multiple ...
    • Segmenting and labeling query sequences in a multidatabase environment 

      Acar, Aybar C.; Motro, A. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011)
      When gathering information from multiple independent data sources, users will generally pose a sequence of queries to each source, combine (union) or cross-reference (join) the results in order to obtain the information ...