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    • Ottoman state: economy and society 

      İnalcık, Halil (Cambridge University Press, 1997)
    • Tarihçi Şükrullâh Çelebi (1380?-1460) 

      İnalcık, Halil (2008)
      The historian Şükrullâh Çelebi (1380?-1460), coming from the family of ulemas, belongs to the less known figures of Ottoman historiography. Our knowledge concerning his life is very limited: in the period of 1402-1413 he ...
    • The yörüks: their origins, expansion and economic role 

      İnalcık, Halil (2014)
      Yörüks, are historically known as Turkmen (Turcoman), or Al-Atrak, being a branch of the Oguz group of peoples who invaded Asia Minor from the 1020's onwards. The Seljuk/Selcukid central government used to settle them on ...