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    • Carlsson's rank conjecture and a conjecture on square-zero upper triangular matrices 

      Şentürk, Berrin; Ünlü, Özgün (Elsevier, 2018)
      Let k be an algebraically closed field and A the polynomial algebra in r variables with coefficients in k. In case the characteristic of k is 2, Carlsson [9] conjectured that for any DG-A-module M of dimension N as a ...
    • Free actions of finite groups on Sn × Sn 

      Hambleton, Ian; Ünlü, Özgün (2010)
      Let p be an odd prime. We construct a non-abelian extension G of S 1 by Z/p × Z/p, and prove that any finite subgroup of G acts freely and smoothly on S2p-1 × S2p-1. In particular, for each odd prime p we obtain free smooth ...
    • Semigroup actions on sets and the burnside ring 

      Erdal, Mehmet Akif; Ünlü, Özgün (Springer Science, 2018)
      In this paper we discuss some enlargements of the category of sets with semigroup actions and equivariant functions. We show that these enlarged categories possess two idempotent endofunctors. In the case of groups these ...