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    • Early gamma response of sleep is sensory/perceptual in origin 

      Karakaş S.; Arıkan, Orhan; Çakmak, E. D.; Bekçi, B.; Doğutepe, E.; Tüfekçi I. (Elsevier BV, 2006)
      The goal of the study was to investigate the gamma response of the brain and its functional correlates in rapid eye movements (REM) sleep and the three stages of non-REM sleep. Data on overnight sleep were acquired from ...
    • Early time-locked gamma response and gender specificity 

      Karakaş S.; Tüfekci, D. I.; Bekci, B.; Çakmak, E. D.; Doğutepe, E.; Erzengin, O. U.; Özkan, A.; Arıkan, Orhan (Elsevier BV, 2006-06)
      The aim was to investigate whether gender is a causative factor in the gamma status according to which some individuals respond with time-locked, early gamma response, G+, while the others do not show this response, G-. ...
    • Time-frequency component analyzer and its application to brain oscillatory activity 

      Özdemir, A. K.; Karakaş S.; Çakmak, E. D.; Tüfekçi, D. İ.; Arıkan, Orhan (Elsevier, 2005-06-30)
      Currently, event-related potential (ERP) signals are analysed in the time domain (ERP technique) or in the frequency domain (Fourier analysis and variants). In techniques of time-domain and frequency-domain analysis ...