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    • Josephson effect in hybrid superconductor-normal metal structures 

      Çakır, Özgür (Bilkent University, 2000)
      The clean SNS junction, with a phase difference x across the normal metal barrier and without Fermi level mismatch between the components, is modeled by a step like pair potential. The quasiclassical equations are obtained ...
    • Persistent perfect entanglement in atomic systems 

      Çakır, Özgür; Can, M. Ali; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (IOP, 2004)
      It is shown that the system of an even number of three-level atoms in the Λ configuration in a cavity can evolve into a persistent maximum entangled state. The time of formation of such an entangled state is estimated.
    • Robust entanglement in atomic systems 

      Çakır, Özgür (Bilkent University, 2005)
      Various models for generation of robust atomic entangled states and their implementation with current accessible technologies are proposed and worked out. Deterministic creation of long living Bell states with respect ...