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    • Amyloid inspired self-assembled peptide nanofibers 

      Çınar, Göksu; Ceylan, Hakan; Urel, Mustafa; Erkal, Turan S.; Tekin, E. Deniz; Tekinay, Ayse B.; Dâna, Aykutlu; Güler, Mustafa O. (American Chemical Society, 2012)
      Amyloid peptides are important components in many degenerative diseases as well as in maintaining cellular metabolism. Their unique stable structure provides new insights in developing new materials. Designing bioinspired ...
    • Label-free nanometer-resolution imaging of biological architectures through surface enhanced raman scattering 

      Ayas, Sencer; Çınar, Göksu; Özkan, Alper Devrim; Soran, Zeliha; Ekiz, Oner; Kocaay, Deniz; Tomak, A.; Toren, Pelin; Kaya, Yasin; Tunc, I.; Zareie, H.; Tekinay, T.; Tekinay, Ayse Begum; Güler, Mustafa O.; Dana, Aykutlu (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Label free imaging of the chemical environment of biological specimens would readily bridge the supramolecular and the cellular scales, if a chemical fingerprint technique such as Raman scattering can be coupled with super ...
    • Mechanical properties of self-assembling peptide hydrogels and their effects on cell behaviors 

      Çınar, Göksu; Ceylan, Hakan; Tekinay, Ayşe B.; Güler, Mustafa O. (John Wiley & Sons, 2012)
    • Nanosized delivery systems for tissue regeneration 

      Çınar, Göksu; Mumcuoğlu, Didem; Tekinay, Ayşe B.; Güler, Mustafa O. (John Wiley & Sons, 2016-03-11)
      This chapter focuses on advanced delivery of biologics including growth factors (GFs), cytokines, genes, or siRNAs using a variety of nanosized systems for different regeneration applications focusing on bone, cartilage, ...
    • Self-assembled peptide amphiphile nanofibers and PEG composite hydrogels as tunable ECM mimetic microenvironment 

      Göktaş, Melis; Çınar, Göksu; Orujalipoor, I.; Ide, S.; Tekinay, Ayse B.; Güler, Mustafa O. (American Chemical Society, 2015)
      (Figure Presented). Natural extracellular matrix (ECM) consists of complex signals interacting with each other to organize cellular behavior and responses. This sophisticated microenvironment can be mimicked by advanced ...