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    • Complete intersection monomial curves and non-decreasing Hilbert functions 

      Şahin, Mesut (Bilkent University, 2008)
      In this thesis, we first study the problem of determining set theoretic complete intersection (s.t.c.i.) projective monomial curves. We are also interested in finding the equations of the hypersurfaces on which the ...
    • Monomial curves and the Cohen-Macaulayness of their tangent cones 

      Arslan, Sefa Feza (Bilkent University, 1999)
      In this thesis, we show that in affine /-space with / > 4, there are monomial curves with arbitrarily large minimal number of generators of the tangent cone and still having Cohen-Macaulay tangent cone. In order to prove ...
    • On Arf rings 

      Arslan, Sefa Feza (Bilkent University, 1994)
      In this thesis, we worked with curves which have cusp type singularities. We described the Arf theory, which solves the problem of understanding and finding the multiplicity sequence of a curve branch algebraically. We ...
    • Orbits in the anti-invariant sublattice of the K3-lattice 

      Koca, Caner (Bilkent University, 2005)