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    • Hierarchical instantiation of attention 

      Giray, İrem (Bilkent University, 2022-10)
      Extended task executions involve goal-directed programs that control the execution of component steps. While the presence of such programs is widely accepted, their nature remains unclear. Prior studies saw them as ...
    • Investigation of how task related programs affect activation of frontoparietal regions 

      Çiftçi, İpek (Bilkent University, 2023-01)
      We prepare breakfast, take a shower, do grocery shopping. While completing these daily goals we don’t individually execute many components. For instance, while preparing instant coffee we sequentially execute subtask ...
    • Working memory capacity: concurrent subtasks need not interfere 

      Şengil, Gülsüm Özge (Bilkent University, 2022-10)
      Any extended task episode is subsumed by goal-directed programs that hierar- chically control its execution. We investigated the relationship between working memory capacity and the control instantiated by such hierarchical ...