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    • Organizational structure and change: A Case study of the warehouse and stock control system in Tepe Co 

      Onarcan, Mehtap Emine (Bilkent University, 1988)
      A sophisticated information processing system can cause a change in the organizational structure. In this work, the Warehouse and Stock Control System in TEPE CO. is chosen as a case study to examine a planned organizational ...
    • Atomic theory of the scanning tunneling microscope 

      Tekman, Ahmet Erkan (Bilkent University, 1988)
      The Scanning Tunneling Microscope is proven to be one of the most powerful tools for surface structure determination. Present theories are able to explain the operation of the microscope when the tip is far from the ...
    • Electronic structure of Si/Ge semiconductor superlattices 

      Gülseren, Oğuz (Bilkent University, 1988)
      A brief review about the two dimensional electron systems and especially band offsets is given. The electronic properties of the Si„/Ge„(001) strained superlattices as a function of the superlattice periodicity and the ...
    • A fast method of calculating diffraction loss between two facing transducers 

      Atalar, Abdullah (IEEE, 1988)
      A fast method of calculating the diffraction loss between two facing circular ultrasonic transducers of unequal size is presented. This problem is directly applicable for minimization of diffraction loss in acoustic lens ...
    • An Upper Bound on the Cutoff Rate of Sequential Decoding 

      Arikan, E. (1988)
      An upper bound is given on the cutoff rate of discrete memoryless channels. This upper bound, which coincides with a known lower bound, determines the cutoff rate, and settles a long-standing open problem. © 1988 IEEE
    • Calculations of STM linescans-general formalism 

      Ellialtioğlu, Ş.; Ciraci, S.; Batra, I. P. (Pergamon Press, 1988)
      We have developed a formalism for calculating the line scans of the scanning-tunneling microscopy from the realistic substrate and tip wave functions. The tip wave functions are calculated self-consistently by using a ...
    • A heuristic procedure for a single-item dynamic lot sizing problem 

      Benli, O. S.; Sabuncuoglu, I.; Tufekci, S. (Pergamon Press, 1988)
      An O(T) heuristic proceudre for a single-item dynamic lot sizing problem is introduced in this paper. The algorithm tries to establish the regeneration points of the problem whether either the production or the beginning ...
    • Delta-Doping in strained (Si) / (Ge) superlattices 

      Ciraci, S.; Batra, I. P.; Tekman, E. (American Physical Society, 1988)
      We present a comparative study of the pseudomorphic (Si)6/(Ge)6 and -doped (Si)3(Sb)(Si)2/(Ge)6 superlattices using the self-consistent pseudopotential method. The strained (Si)6/(Ge)6 superlattice has the lowest conduction-band ...
    • Effect of tip profile on atomic-force microscope images: a model study 

      Abraham, F. F.; Batra, I. P.; Ciraci, S. (American Physical Society, 1988)
      Adopting the empirical silicon interatomic potential of Stillinger and Weber, we investigate the effect of the tip profile on the atomic-force microscope images for a prototype system, Si(001)-(2×1), and conclude that the ...
    • An isomorphism theorem for Dragilev spaces 

      Kocatepe, M. (Birkhäuser-Verlag, 1988)
      Necessary and sufficient conditions for an Ly(a, l)-space to be isomorphic to some Lg(b, m)-space have been found.
    • A simple animation package 

      Coşar, A.; Özgüç, B. (Pergamon Press, 1988)
      This paper discusses a simple animation package that animates sketches drawn by the user through a simple set of operations. The purpose of the animation package is to demonstrate various computer graphics principles to ...
    • Critical relaxation of the two-dimensional three-state Potts model with conserved dynamics 

      Aydın, M.; Yalabık, M. C. (Institute of Physics (Great Britain), 1988)
      The dynamical critical exponent z is obtained using the finite-size scaling method for the two-dimensional three-state Potts model with conserved dynamics. It is observed that there is a change in the dynamical behaviour ...
    • A transportation type aggregate production model with bounds on inventory and backordering 

      Erenguc, S. S.; Tufekci, S. (Elsevier, 1988)
      We consider a certain T period aggregate production planning model, where the two sources of production are regular and overtime. The model allows for time varying production, holding and backordering costs and includes ...
    • Sorption of cesium and strontium on montmorillonite and kaolinite 

      Erten, H. N.; Aksoyoglu, S.; Hatipoglu, S.; Göktürk, H. (De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 1988)
      Sorption characteristics of Cs+ and Sr++on montmorillonite and kaolinite type clays and soil fractions from various regions of Turkey were studied using the batch method. 137Cs and 90Sr were used as tracers. Concentrations ...
    • Surface metallization of silicon by potassium adsorption on Si(001)-(2×1) 

      Ciraci, S.; Batra, I. P. (American Physical Society, 1988)
      We present the detailed results of self-consistent and geometry-optimized total-energy, band-structure, and charge-density calculations for a potassium-covered Si(001)-(2×1) surface, and for an unsupported potassium ...
    • Sequential decoding for multiple access channels 

      Arıkan, E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1988)
      The use of sequential decoding in multiple access channels is considered. The Fano metric, which achieves all achievable rates in the one-user case, fails to do so in the multiuser case. A new metric is introduced and an ...
    • Electronic structure of strained Sin / Gen (001) superlattices 

      Ciraci, S.; Gülseren, O.; Ellialtioğlu, Ş. (Pergamon Press, 1988)
      Using the empirical tight binding method we have investigated the electronic properties of the Sin/Gen(001) strained superlattices as a function of the superlattice periodicity and the band misfit. For n ≥ 4 we have found ...
    • Continuous processing of images through user sketched functional blocks 

      Kaya, A.; Ozguc, B. (Wiley-Blackwell, 1988)
      Our aim is to implement an image processing system with previously defined algorithms through the use of functional blocks connected together to form a diagram that we call a schematic. A functional block means the ...
    • Efficiency calibration and summation effects in gamma-ray spectrometry 

      Erten, H. N.; Aksoyoğlu, S.; Göktürk, H. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988)
      Precise, absolute γ-ray efficiences (∈γ) and total efficiences (∈T), have been measured at various distances from the detector, using a set of standards. The observed linear variation of ∈γ and ∈T as well as ∈γ/∈T with Eγ ...
    • Continuous processing of images through user sketched functional blocks 

      Kaya, Aydın (Bilkent University, 1988)
      An object oriented user interface is developed for interacting with and processing images. The software prepared for this purpose includes image processing functions as well as user friendly interaction tools both of a ...