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    • Target identification with multiple logical sonars using evidential reasoning and simple majority voting 

      Ayrulu, Birsel; Barshan, Billur; Utete, S. W. (IEEE, 1997)
      In this study, physical models are used to model reflections from target primitives commonly encountered in a mobile robot's environment. These targets are differentiated by employing a multi-transducer pulse/echo system ...
    • Ultrasonic surface profile determination by spatial voting 

      Barshan, Billur (IEEE, 2001)
      A novel spatial voting scheme is described for surface profile determination based on multiple ultrasonic range measurements. Spatial voting relies on the number of votes accumulated in each pixel of the ultrasonic arc map ...
    • Voting as validation in robot programming 

      Utete, S. W.; Barshan, B.; Ayrulu, B. (Sage Publications Ltd., 1999-04)
      This paper investigates the use of voting as a conflict-resolution technique for data analysis in robot programming. Voting represents an information-abstraction technique. It is argued that in some cases a voting approach ...