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    • Optimizing shared cache behavior of chip multiprocessors 

      Kandemir, M.; Muralidhara, S. P.; Narayanan, S. H. K.; Zhang, Y.; Öztürk, Özcan (ACM, 2009-12)
      One of the critical problems associated with emerging chip multiprocessors (CMPs) is the management of on-chip shared cache space. Unfortunately, single processor centric data locality optimization schemes may not work ...
    • Rehearsal of professional practice: impacts of web-based collaborative learning on the future encounter of different disciplines 

      Karakaya, A. F.; Şenyapılı, B. (Springer, 2008)
      This study argues that the shift towards a more multidisciplinary professional life in contemporary design practice requires design curricula to equip students with collaborative skills. The study offers that by the aid ...
    • Simulation of real beam ground mapping mode of a pulsed radar 

      Onart, Serkan; Arıkan, Orhan (IEEE, 2006)
      A Matlab© based realistic simulation software is developed for Real Beam Ground Mapping (RBGM) mode of a pulsed air-borne radar. The developed software successfully simulates the effects of basic radar parameters for the ...
    • Simulations of ground-penetrating radars over lossy and heterogeneous grounds 

      Gürel, Levent; Oğuz, U. (IEEE, 2001)
      The versatility of the three-dimensional (3-D) finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method to model arbitrarily inhomogeneous geometries is exploited to simulate realistic groundpenetrating radar (GPR) scenarios for the ...
    • Site-based dynamic pruning for query processing in search engines 

      Altıngövde İsmail Şengör; Demir, Engin; Can, Fazlı; Ulusoy, Özgür (ACM, 2008-07)
      Web search engines typically index and retrieve at the page level. In this study, we investigate a dynamic pruning strategy that allows the query processor to first determine the most promising websites and then proceed ...
    • Static query result caching revisited 

      Özcan, Rıfat; Altıngövde, İsmail Şengör; Ulusoy, Özgür (ACM, 2008-04)
      Query result caching is an important mechanism for search engine efficiency. In this study, we first review several query features that are used to determine the contents of a static result cache. Next, we introduce a new ...
    • TELPACK: An Advanced teletraffic analysis package 

      Akar, N.; Oguz, N.C.; Sohraby, K. (1998)
      Performance evaluation of computer and communication networks gives rise to teletraffic problems of potentially large dimensionality. We briefly summarize a unifying system theoretic approach to efficient solution of a ...
    • A tool to enhance cooperation and knowledge transfer among software developers 

      Aydın, Seçil; Mishra, D. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2009)
      Software developers have been successfully tailoring software development methods according to the project situation and more so in small scale software development organizations. There is a need to share this knowledge ...
    • Turkey: a report on computer graphics education 

      Özgüç, B. (Technews, 1996)
      In a formal or an informal manner, computer graphics has been a field of research and education since the early 1970s in Turkey. The earlier examples of academic research work came from Istanbul Technical University and ...
    • Turkey: State of the art in computer graphics-The Turkish scene 

      Özgüç, B. (1996)
      [No abstract available]