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    • On deformation types of real elliptic surfaces 

      Degtyarev, A.; Itenberg I.; Kharlamov V. (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008)
      We study real elliptic surfaces and trigonal curves (over a base of an arbitrary genus) and their equivariant deformations. We calculate the real Tate-Shafarevich group and reduce the deformation classification to the ...
    • On deformations of singular plane sextics 

      Degtyarev, A. (2008)
      We study complex plane projective sextic curves with simple singularities up to equisingular deformations. It is shown that two such curves are deformation equivalent if and only if the corresponding pairs are diffeomorphic ...
    • On degenerations of fiber spaces of curves of genus ≧ 2 

      Önsiper, H.; Sertöz, S. (Birkhaeuser Science, 1997)
      In this note, we show that for surfaces admitting suitable fibrations, any given degeneration script x sign/Δ is bimeromorphic to a fiber space over a curve Y/Δ and we apply this result to the study of the degenerate fiber.
    • On determining cluster size of randomly deployed heterogeneous WSNs 

      Sevgi, C.; Koçyiğit, A. (IEEE, 2008)
      Clustering is an efficient method to solve scalability problems and energy consumption challenges. For this reason it is widely exploited in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applications. It is very critical to determine ...
    • On diagonalization by dynamic output feedback 

      Özgüler, A. B.; Eldem, V. (1989)
      The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to a casuality degree dominance property in diagonalization problems by dynamic output feedback and constant precompensator. Even in the well-investigated special case of ...
    • On document relevance and lexical cohesion between query terms 

      Vechtomova, O.; Karamuftuoglu, M.; Robertson, S. E. (Elsevier, 2006)
      Lexical cohesion is a property of text, achieved through lexical-semantic relations between words in text. Most information retrieval systems make use of lexical relations in text only to a limited extent. In this paper ...
    • On dwell time minimization for switched delay systems: free-weighting matrices method 

      Koru, A. T.; Delibaşı, A.; Özbay, Hitay (IEEE, 2014)
      In this paper, we present a quasi-convex minimization method to calculate an upper bound of dwell-time for stability of switched delay systems. Piecewise Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals are introduced and the upper bound ...
    • On dwell time minimization for switched delay systems: Time-Scheduled Lyapunov Functions 

      Koru, A. T.; Delibaşı, A.; Özbay, Hitay (Elsevier B.V., 2016)
      In the present paper, dwell time stability conditions of the switched delay systems are derived using scheduled Lyapunov-Krasovskii functions. The derivative of the Lyapunov functions are guaranteed to be negative semidefinite ...
    • On dynamic wavelength assignment in WDM optical networks 

      Alanyalı, Murat (Springer, 2001)
      Optical fiber has been used as the physical medium for high rate data transmission since late 1960s. Early applications of optical fiber communications modulated data onto a single optical carrier frequency that is commonly ...
    • On effective behavior of microstructures embedding general interfaces with damage 

      Saeb, S.; Steinmann, P.; Javili, Ali (Springer, 2019-05)
      The interface between constituents of a multiphase material exhibits properties different from those of the bulk and can lead to major alternation of the material response. Interface effects are particularly important for ...
    • On envy-free perfect matching 

      Arbib, C.; Karaşan, O. E.; Pınar, M. Ç. (Elsevier B.V., 2018)
      Consider a situation in which individuals -the buyers -have different valuations for the products of a given set. An envy-free assignment of product items to buyers requires that the items obtained by every buyer be purchased ...
    • On envy-free perfect matching 

      Arbib, C.; Karaşan, Oya Ekin; Pınar, Mustafa (Elsevier, 2018)
      Consider a situation in which individuals –the buyers –have different valuations for the products of a given set. An envy-free assignment of product items to buyers requires that the items obtained by every buyer be ...
    • On erasure correction coding for streaming 

      Tekin, Ömer Faruk; Ho, T.; Yao, H.; Jaggi, S. (IEEE, 2012)
      We consider packet erasure correction coding for a streaming system where specific information needs to be decoded by specific deadlines, in order to ensure uninterrupted playback at the receiver. In our previous work [1], ...
    • On existence of an x-integral for a semi-discrete chain of hyperbolic type 

      Zheltukhin, K.; Zheltukhina, Natalya (IOP, 2016)
      A class of semi-discrete chains of the form t1x = f (x,t,t1,tx) is considered. For the given chains easily verifiable conditions for existence of x-integral of minimal order 4 are obtained.
    • On explicit solutions of a two-echelon supply chain coordination game 

      Pınar, M. Ç. (Springer Verlag, 2018)
      A contracting game under asymmetric information specific to two-echelon supply chain coordination between a retailer of unknown type and a supplier is studied. When the parameter which is private information to the retailer ...
    • On extracting maximum stable sets in perfect graphs using Lovász's theta function 

      Yıldırım, E. A.; Fan-Orzechowski, X. (Springer, 2006)
      We study the maximum stable set problem. For a given graph, we establish several transformations among feasible solutions of different formulations of Lovász's theta function. We propose reductions from feasible solutions ...
    • On feasibility of near-infrared spectroscopy for noninvasive blood glucose measurements 

      Vural, Nuri Mert; Yoleri, Y.; Torun, Hamdi (SPIE, 2019-02)
      Non-invasive blood glucose measurement has long been desired since the invasive methods are not suitable to perform continuous monitoring. Near Infrared Spectroscopy is one of the most popular methods used in studies; ...
    • On feckly clean rings 

      Chen, H.; Kose, H.; Kurtulmaz, Y. (World Scientific Publishing, 2015)
      A ring R is feckly clean provided that for any a R there exists an element e R and a full element u R such that a = e + u, eR(1 - e) J(R). We prove that a ring R is feckly clean if and only if for any a R, there exists an ...
    • On feedback stabilization of neutral time delay systems with infinitely many unstable poles 

      Gumussoy, S.; Özbay, Hitay (Elsevier B.V., 2018)
      It is shown that strictly proper neutral time delay systems having at least one asymptotic pole chain converging to a vertical line Re(s) = σ > 0 cannot be stabilized by a proper controller. A special coprime factorization ...