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    Effects of colour and chromatic light on depth perception
    (Taylor and Francis, 2020) Atlı, Deniz; Olguntürk, Nilgün; Aslanoğlu, Rengin; Sekulovski, D.; Seuntiens, P.
    Space perception is the ability to estimate the three-dimensional layout of our environment from the arrangement of individual objects, their location and size. While estimating every distance in the three-dimensional environment, the human visual system uses a number of physical cues and depth perception can be affected by a variety of factors; reflectance, colour, and texture. The main purpose of this study is to understand the effect of chromaticity combinations on depth perception. A forced-choice paired comparison test was used to evaluate distance differences between colour combinations created by chromatic light in background and coloured objects in front. The experiments indicated perceptual variations in-depth assessments between different participants, which needed to be taken into consideration. The findings suggest a significant effect of some colour combinations on depth perception.