About Us

Bilkent Repository hosts DSpace digital repository for its member institutions, allowing them provide reliable online access to their scholarly and pedagogic output. With a digital repository hosted by the Bilkent, institutions can collect, store, preserve, and disseminate digital content – including documents, audio files, images, and datasets – all within a secure, professionally managed environment in the Bilkent.

Bilkent digital repository use DSpace, a widely-used open source repository software that can manage and preserve all types of digital content and facilitates indexing of that content by commercial search engines, such as Google.

Why use a Digital Repository?

A Digital Repository hosted by the Bilkent:

  • Promotes the principles of open access and campus wide by providing opportunities for faculty self-archiving.
  • Ensures the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital assets.
  • Provides access to unpublished research of faculty, research staff, and students.
  • Preserves and disseminates a wide variety of content beyond traditional scholarly articles, including datasets, learning objects, electronic theses and dissertations, audio-visual content, and presentations.
  • Helps researchers fulfill obligations to make publicly funded or non-profit-funded research available on an open access basis.
  • Encourages access and sharing among disciplines and institutions.