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    • A layout algorithm for signaling pathways 

      Genç, Burkay; Doğrusöz, Uğur (Elsevier, 2006-01-20)
      Visualization is crucial to the effective analysis of biological pathways. A poorly laid out pathway confuses the user, while a well laid out one improves the user's comprehension of the underlying biological phenomenon. ...
    • A layout algorithm for undirected compound graphs 

      Doğrusöz, Uğur; Giral, Erhan; Çetintaş, Ahmet; Civril, Ali; Demir, Emek (Elsevier, 2009-03-15)
      We present an algorithm for the layout of undirected compound graphs, relaxing restrictions of previously known algorithms in regards to topology and geometry. The algorithm is based on the traditional force-directed layout ...