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    • An evalution of the recent debates on restructuring of the Turkish government: federalism and unitary state arguments 

      Çınar, Menderes (Bilkent University, 1993)
      Political decentralization in a unitary state means devolution of the center's power to localities and/or periphery. Since such decentralization involves promotion of alternative power bases, it goes against the nature ...
    • Second Republic debates in Turkey 

      Arıkan, Ekin Burak (Bilkent University, 1993)
      This study aims at analyzing the Second Republic debat es in Turkey in the early 1990s which are import ant in det er mi ni ng the contours of its democratization process. The crux of the following study is to analyze ...
    • State Policies on Women and Family in the Early 1990s 

      Soyarık, Nalan (Bilkent University, 1994)
      In this study, the formation of state institutions in Turkey concerning women and family is analyzed. In order to understand the evolution of these state institutions, the history of the feminist movement in Turkey is ...