Recent Submissions

  • Mixtures of charged-neutral superfluids 

    Ünal, Fatmanur (Bilkent University, 2016-12)
    Motivated by the developments of artificial magnetic fields (AMFs) enabling cou- pling to the neutral particles of ultracold quantum gases, we have theoretically studied charged-neutral mixtures in various settings. The ...
  • Analysis of nonequilibrium steady-states 

    Yeşil, Ayşe Ferhan (Bilkent University, 2016-12)
    Non-equilibrium is the state of the almost all systems in the universe. Unlike equilibrium systems, they interfere with their surroundings which results in never ceasing uxes. There is no unified theory to understand these ...
  • Manipulation and control of collective behavior in active matter systems 

    Pinçe, Erçağ (Bilkent University, 2016-11)
    Active matter systems consist of active constituents that transform energy into directed motion in a non-equilibrium setting. The interaction of active agents with each other and with their environment results in collective ...
  • Novel approaches to ultrafast fiber laser design for ablation-cooled material removal 

    Yılmaz, Saniye Sinem (Bilkent University, 2016-11)
    The past few decades in particular have witnessed the tremendous beneficial impact of innovations in laser technology ranging from biomedical to industrial applications in response to enhancing community's quality of life. ...
  • Graphene-based electrically tunable terahertz optoelectronics 

    Kakenov, Nurbek (Bilkent University, 2016-11)
    Advances in terahertz (THz) research and technology, has bridged the gap between radio-frequency electronics and optics. More efficient control of THz waves would highly benefit noninvasive, high-resolution imaging ...
  • Physics of nonradiative energy transfer in the complex media of 0D, 2D and 3D materials 

    Yeltik, Aydan (Bilkent University, 2016-08)
    Quantum-confined colloidal nanostructures with strong excitonic properties have emerged as promising light harvesting components in photonics and optoelectronics over the past 20 years. With their favorable photophysical ...
  • Novel approaches to control the propagation of electromagnetic waves : metamaterials and photonic crystals 

    Bulu, İrfan (Bilkent University, 2007)
    Applications in areas such as photonics, antennas, imaging and optics require the control of propagation of electromagnetic waves and the control of emission of electromagnetic radiation. Achievements in three key research ...
  • Decoherence in open quantum systems : a realistic approach 

    Savran, Kerim (Bilkent University, 2006)
    Decoherence mechanisms of opcu quantum systems ın intcraction with an enviromental bath is investigated using the master equation formalism. Widely used two-level approximation is questioned.
  • Silicon based dielectrics : growth, characterization, and applications in integrated optics 

    Ay, Feridun (Bilkent University, 2005)
    In recent years, growing attention has been paid to silicon based dielectrics, such as silicon oxynitrides, silicon nitrides, and semiconductor doped silicon oxides, all combined under the name silica on silicon technology. ...
  • Robust entanglement in atomic systems 

    Çakır, Özgür (Bilkent University, 2005)
    Various models for generation of robust atomic entangled states and their implementation with current accessible technologies are proposed and worked out. Deterministic creation of long living Bell states with respect ...
  • Functionalization of carbon nanotubes 

    Dağ, Sefa (Bilkent University, 2005)
  • Monolithic and hybrid silicon-on-insulator integrated optical devices 

    Kiyat, İsa (Bilkent University, 2005)
    Silicon, the basic material of electronics industry is rediscovered nowadays for its potential use in photonics and integrated optics. The research activity in silicon integrated optics have been speeding up during the ...
  • High speed and high efficiency infrared photodetectors 

    Kimukin, İbrahim (Bilkent University, 2004)
    The increasing demand for telecommunication systems resulted in production of high performance components. Photodetectors are essential components of optoelectronic integrated circuits and fiber optic communication ...
  • Entanglement in atom-photon systems 

    Can, Muhammet Ali (Bilkent University, 2004)
    In this work we propose a new principle from the point of view of quantum fluctuations of observables. This new principle can be considered as an operational definition of ME states. Moreover, we show the existence of ...
  • Light matter interaction in plexcitonic crystals and moiré cavities 

    Karademir, Ertuğrul (Bilkent University, 2015-01)
    Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are quanta of electromagnetic excitations at the interface between metal and dielectric media. SPPs with an evanescent tail in the perpendicular direction, thus their properties are ...
  • Exciton condensate driven force in double layer systems 

    Özgün, Ege (Bilkent University, 2016-02)
    Excitonic systems are challenging to deal with both theoretically and experimentally but in return, they offer a very rich physics and exotic features. We will investigate their properties under weak magnetic field and ...
  • Electronic structure of low dimensional semiconductor systems 

    Gulseren, Oguz (Bilkent University, 1992)
    Recent progress made in the growth techniques has led to the fabrication of the artificial semiconductor systems of lower dimension. Electrons and holes in these materials have quantization different from those of the ...
  • Many-body interaction effects in quasi-one-dimensional photo-excited electron-hole systems 

    Güven, Kaan (Bilkent University, 1999)
    The work in this thesis concerns rnany-body interaction effects in a quasi-onedimensional electron-hole plasma, which may be generated under intense photoexcitation in a semiconductor quantum-well wire. In particular, ...
  • Structural and electronic properties of carbon-based materials 

    Kılıç, Çetin (Bilkent University, 2000)
    In this thesis, some carbon-based materials in nano scale have been investigated by using first-principles methods as well as transferable tight-binding and empirical potential models. The focus of interest has been in ...
  • Physics and applications of photonic crystals 

    Temelkuran, Burak (Bilkent University, 2000)
    We first fabricated a dielectric based layer-by-layer photonic crystal, with a three-dimensional photonic band gap at microwave frequencies. We investigated the transmission, reflection and defect characteristics of the ...

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