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    • Boundary conditions compatible with the generalized symmetries 

      Gürel, T. Burak (Bilkent University, 1995)
      In this work evolution type integrable equations and systems are considered. An efficient method is given to construct their boundary conditions and hence boundary value problems which are compatible with the ...
    • The geometry of tangent bundle and its applications 

      Tek, Süleyman (Bilkent University, 2003)
      In this thesis, we first give a brief summary of the Riemannian Geometry which is the extension of Euclidean Geometry. Later we introduce the Finsler Geometry and the geometry of tangent bundle. Finally we give the ...
    • Higher dimensional spherically symmetric gravitational theories 

      Sermutlu, Emre (Bilkent University, 1994)
      We consider all possible theories in spherically symmetric Riemannian geometry in D-dimensions. We find solutions to such theories, in particular black hole solutions of the low energy limit of the string theory in Ddimensions.
    • The Hirota direct method 

      Pekcan, Aslı (Bilkent University, 2005)
      The search for integrability of nonlinear partial differential and difference equations includes the study on multi-soliton solutions. One of the most famous method to construct multi-soliton solutions is the Hirota ...
    • Recursion operators and classification of integrable nonlinear equations 

      Bilen, Ergün (Bilkent University, 2012)
      Recursion operators, if they exist, of nonlinear partial differential equations map symmetries to symmetries of these equations. It is this property that the integrable nonlinear partial differential equations possess ...
    • Weingarten surfaces arising from soliton theory 

      Ceyhan, Özgür (Bilkent University, 1999)
      In this work we presented a method for constructing surfaces in associated with the symmetries of Gauss-Mainardi-Codazzi equations. We show that among these surfaces the sphere has a unique role. Under constant gauge ...
    • Zero curvature and Gel'fand-Dikii formalisms 

      Silindir, Burcu (Bilkent University, 2004)
      In soliton theory, integrable nonlinear partial differential equations play an important role. In that respect such differential equations create great interest in many research areas. There are several ways to obtain ...