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    • N-tangle Kanenobu knots with the same Jones polynomials 

      Kutluay, Deniz (Bilkent University, 2010)
      It is still an open question if there exists a non-trivial knot whose Jones polynomial is trivial. One way of attacking this problem is to develop a mutation on knots which keeps the Jones polynomial unchanged yet alters ...
    • Non-stationary Markov chains 

      Mallak, Saed (Bilkent University, 1996)
      In thi.s work, we studierl the Ergodicilv of Non-Stationary .Markov chains. We gave several e.xainples with different cases. We proved that given a sec[uence of Markov chains such that the limit of this sec|uence is an ...
    • Numerical study of orthogonal polynomials for fractal measures 

      Şimşek, Ahmet Nihat (Bilkent University, 2016-07)
      In recent years, potential theory has an essential effect on approximation theory and orthogonal polynomials. Basic concepts of the modern theory of general orthogonal polynomials are described in terms of Potential Theory. ...
    • On Arf rings 

      Arslan, Sefa Feza (Bilkent University, 1994)
      In this thesis, we worked with curves which have cusp type singularities. We described the Arf theory, which solves the problem of understanding and finding the multiplicity sequence of a curve branch algebraically. We ...
    • On complete intersections and connectedness 

      Önal, Meltem (Bilkent University, 2002)
      In this thesis, we study the relation between connectedness and complete intersections. We describe the concept of connectedness in codimension k. We also study the basic facts about Cohen-Macaulay rings, and give ...
    • On Gambler's ruin problem in some models 

      Sevim, Çiğdem (Bilkent University, 2005)
      2-player probability games is an important subject of probability theory. In this thesis, we considered four different two-player probability games. We calculated the expected value of stopping times of the games. Since ...
    • On lower bounds of character sums 

      Özbudak, Ferruh (Bilkent University, 1995)
      111 ilii.s work wo oxlomlod llio ic.sult.s of S.A. Slc|)aiiov [3], [i] about lower bouiid.s for incomplete clia.ra.cter .suiiks over a prime finite Held to the of arbitrar}^ linite field Moreover we atso a.pplied ...
    • On lower degree bounds for vector invariants over finite fields 

      Madran, Uğur (Bilkent University, 2000)
      The purpose of this thesis is to obtain a lower degree bound in modular invariant theory for a special case. More precisely, let G be any group and k be a finite field of positive characteristic p such that p divides |G| ...
    • On monomial Burnside rings 

      Yaraneri, Ergün (Bilkent University, 2003)
      This thesis is concerned with some different aspects of the monomial Burnside rings, including an extensive, self contained introduction of the A−fibred G−sets, and the monomial Burnside rings. However, this work has two ...
    • On possible deterioration of smoothness under the operation of convolution 

      Uludağ, A Muhammed (Bilkent University, 1996)
      We show that the convolution of two probability densities which are restrictions to R of entire functions can possess infinite essential supremuin on each interval. We also present several sufficient conditions of ...
    • On power series with one singular point at circumference of convergence 

      Yardımcı, Umut (Bilkent University, 2002)
      We obtain two refinements of Faber’s theorem related to power series with one singular point at circumference of convergence. The first one characterizes growth at the singular point in more precise scale of growth. The ...
    • On real Enriques surfaces 

      Küçük, Özgül (Bilkent University, 1997)
    • On some of the simple composition factors of the biset functor of P-permutation modules 

      Karagüzel, Çisil (Bilkent University, 2016-07)
      Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p, which is a prime, and C denote the field of complex numbers. Given a finite group G, letting ppk(G) denote the Grothendieck group of p-permutation kG-modules, we ...
    • On the exponential map of the Burnside ring 

      Yaman, Ayşe (Bilkent University, 2002)
      We study the exponential map of the Burnside ring. We prove the equivalence of the three different characterizations of this map and examine the surjectivity in order to describe the elements of the unit group of the ...
    • On the minimal number of elements generating an algebraic set 

      Şahin, Mesut (Bilkent University, 2002)
      In this thesis we present studies on the general problem of finding the minimal number of elements generating an algebraic set in n-space both set and ideal theoretically.
    • On the monodromy groups of real Enriques surfaces 

      Erdoğan, Sultan (Bilkent University, 2003)
      In this thesis we start the study of the fundamental group of the moduli space of real Enriques surfaces. The principal result is the assertion that, with one exception, any permutation of components of the half E (2) R of ...
    • On the Nẹ́ron-severi lattice of Delsarte surfaces 

      Kişioğlu, Mehmet (Bilkent University, 2016-10)
      The Nẹ́ron-Severi group, NS(X), of a given (non-singular projective) variety, X, is defined in only algebro-geometric terms, however it is also known to be an arithmetic invariant. So it is an important study that helps ...
    • Orbits in the anti-invariant sublattice of the K3-lattice 

      Koca, Caner (Bilkent University, 2005)
    • Oscillation properties of stopped random walks on infinite tress 

      Öner, Abdullah (Bilkent University, 2014)
      We investigate a random walk on a branching tree with vertices labeled 1; 2; : : : ; r which terminates if two consecutive vertices of a walk are labeled with close numbers. It is proved that expected absorption times ...
    • The pandemic fusion system for endomorphism algebras of p-permutation modules 

      Nika, Andi (Bilkent University, 2018-09)
      During the 1980's Puig developed a new approach to modular representation theory, introducing new p-local invariants and thereby extending Green's work on G-algebras. We investigate the Puig category, commenting on its ...