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    • Chalcogenide micro and nanostructures and applications 

      Aktaş, Ozan (Bilkent University, 2014)
      Chalcogenides, which are glasses consist of S, Se and Te elements, are promising materials for photonics as silicon for modern electronics, due to their extraordinary material properties such as high nonlinearity and ...
    • Light scattering from core-shell nano-structures : structural coloration 

      Dolaş, Muhammet Halit (Bilkent University, 2013)
      In this work, we produced kilometer-long semiconducting cylindrical nanostructures by using a top-to-bottom nano-fabrication technique which was recently developed in our research group. Comparison of commonly used ...
    • Multi-frequency fluxgate magnetic force microscopy 

      Aktaş, Ozan (Bilkent University, 2008)
      In the recent years, progress in atomic force microscopy (AFM) led to the multifrequency imaging paradigm in which the cantilever-tip ensemble is simultaneously excited by several driving forces of different frequencies. ...