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    • Data acquisition system design for acoustic microscopy 

      Baştürkmen, Nadir Zafer (Bilkent University, 1996)
      Conventional acoustic microscopes suffer from the complexity and low speed of their scanning mechanisms. The frame rates of these instruments are low, while their cost are high. In this work, a data acquisition system ...
    • Material characterization by using high velocity modes 

      Yaralıoğlu, Göksen Göksenin (Bilkent University, 1994)
      Acoustic microscopy is one of the most powerful tools for non-destructive material characterization. Excited modes on the materials are responsible for the high contrast obtained in the images. However, conventional ...
    • The V-Groove lens 

      Bozkurt, Ayhan (Bilkent University, 1994)
      Primarily designed for imaging purposes, the acoustic microscope finds application in the qualitative evaluation of materials, too. The lens response as a function of defocus, which is known as the V{z) curve, is formed ...