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    • Boundaries of gendered space : traditional Turkish house 

      Dengiz, Esma Burçin (Bilkent University, 2001)
      This work looks at the traditional Turkish house and its two boundaries from the point of gender-space relationship. Acknowledging that gender and space mutually construct each other, this thesis explains both the ...
    • Gendering urban space : "Saturday mothers 

      İvegen, Berfin (Bilkent University, 2004)
      The aim of this study is to analyze gendering in urban space by using an urban movement, i.e. “Saturday Mothers” as a case study within the framework of gender and space. Acknowledging that gender and space mutually ...
    • Updating spatial orientation in virtual environments 

      Sancaktar, İpek (Bilkent University, 2006)
      Spatial reasoning in architectural design can be better understood by considering the factors that are affecting the spatial updating of the individual in an environment. This study focuses on the issue of spatial updating ...