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    • Ambivalent and shifting codes of fear and desire in Dracula movies 

      Özkaracalar, Kaya (Bilkent University, 2004)
      This study, which takes Robin Wood’s methodology to find the answer to the question ‘what does the monster stand for?’ as its base with certain nuances, investigates the ambivalent and shifting sets of connotations ...
    • Cinematic realism and digital special effects in Hollywood cinema 

      Güney, Tolga (Bilkent University, 1996)
      This thesis attempts to understand changing conceptions of realism in entertainment cinema by the emergence of digital special effects as an implication of new modes of production in contemporary Hollywood cinema. It ...
    • Education in interactive media: a survey on the potentials of computers for visual literacy 

      Güleryüz, Hakan (Bilkent University, 1996)
      This study aims at investigating the potentials of multimedia and computers in design. For this purpose, a general survey on the historical development of computers for their use in education and possibilities related to ...
    • An evolutionary basic design tool 

      Akbulut, Dilek (Bilkent University, 2010)
      As a creative act, design aims at achieving innovative solutions to fulfill the requirements provided in the problem definition. In recent years, computational methods began to be used not only in design presentation but ...
    • Interpreting glitch 

      Tunalı, Funda Şenova (Bilkent University, 2012)
      the manifestation of digital culture : a study on the association between contemporary sound design and digital typography
    • Opera functioning as narrative in films : Apocalypse Now - Godfather, part III - Philadelphia 

      Tanrısever, Benal (Bilkent University, 2001)
      This thesis examines the opera-film-music relationship from various points of view. With all the technical advances in the film industry, music for the films is still composed in the late nineteenth century, romantic ...
    • A tool for generating three dimensional animation on computers 

      Türün, Cemil Şinasi (Bilkent University, 1991)
      In this work, a three dimensional computer animation system has been designed to be employed in schools, for the training of art students on basic three dimensional animation techniques. Puppet Theater, as we have called ...
    • Virtual realities and real virtualities 

      Telhan, Orkan (Bilkent University, 2002)
      This study endeavors to explicate different conceptions of virtuality in relation to the concept of technology. Departing from the popular conceptions of virtuality discussed within the framework of digital technologies, ...
    • Yeşilçam in letters : a "cinema event" in 1960s Turkey from the perspective of an audience discourse 

      Mutlu, Dilek Kaya (Bilkent University, 2002)
      This study examines “Ye§il9am event” in Turkish cinema from the perspective of an audience discourse that is reconstituted from the audience letters published in popular cinema magazines Sinema and Perde. Through a study ...