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    • A hybrid nanofiber matrix to control the survival and maturation of brain neurons 

      Sur, S.; Pashuck, E. T.; Guler, M. O.; Ito, M.; Stupp, S. I.; Launey, T. (Elsevier BV, 2012)
      Scaffold design plays a crucial role in developing graft-based regenerative strategies, especially when intended to be used in a highly ordered nerve tissue. Here we describe a hybrid matrix approach, which combines the ...
    • Laminin mimetic peptide nanofibers regenerate acute muscle defect 

      Cimenci, C. E.; Uzunalli, G.; Uysal, O.; Yergoz, F.; Umay, E. K.; Guler, M. O.; Tekinay, A. B. (Acta Materialia Inc, 2017)
      Skeletal muscle cells are terminally differentiated and require the activation of muscle progenitor (satellite) cells for their regeneration. There is a clinical need for faster and more efficient treatment methods for ...
    • Three-Dimensional Laminin Mimetic Peptide Nanofiber Gels for In Vitro Neural Differentiation 

      Gunay, G.; Sever, M.; Tekinay, A. B.; Guler, M. O. (Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2017)
      The extracellular matrix (ECM) provides biochemical signals and structural support for cells, and its functional imitation is a fundamental aspect of biomaterial design for regenerative medicine applications. The stimulation ...