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    • Microscopic characterization of peptide nanostructures 

      Mammadov, Rashad; Tekinay, Ayse B.; Dana, Aykutlu; Güler, Mustafa O. (Elsevier, 2012)
      Peptide-based nanomaterials have been utilized for various applications from regenerative medicine to electronics since they provide several advantages including easy synthesis methods, numerous routes for functionalization ...
    • Resonant harmonic response in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy 

      Sahin, O.; Quate, C. F.; Solgaard, O.; Atalar, Abdullah (American Physical Society, 2004)
      Higher harmonics in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy offers the potential for imaging and sensing material properties at the nanoscale. The signal level at a given harmonic of the fundamental mode can be enhanced if ...