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    • BRAPH: A graph theory software for the analysis of brain connectivity 

      Mijalkov, M.; Kakaei, E.; Pereira, J. B.; Westman, E.; Volpe, G. (Public Library of Science, 2017)
      The brain is a large-scale complex network whose workings rely on the interaction between its various regions. In the past few years, the organization of the human brain network has been studied extensively using concepts ...
    • Inertial imaging with nanomechanical systems 

      Hanay, M. S.; Kelber, S. I.; O'Connell, C. D.; Mulvaney, P.; Sader, J. E.; Roukes, M. L. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Mass sensing with nanoelectromechanical systems has advanced significantly during the last decade. With nanoelectromechanical systems sensors it is now possible to carry out ultrasensitive detection of gaseous analytes, ...