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    • Low-voltage small-size double-arm MEMS actuator 

      Biyikli, N.; Damgaci, Y.; Cetiner, B.A. (2009)
      The fabrication and characterisation of a double-arm cantilever-type metallic DC-contact MEMS actuator with low pull-down voltage are reported. Bi-layer TiW cantilevers with an internal stress gradient were fabricated using ...
    • Triangular metallic gratings for large absorption enhancement in thin film Si solar cells 

      Battal, E.; Yogurt, T.A.; Aygun L.E.; Okyay, A., K. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2012)
      We estimate high optical absorption in silicon thin film photovoltaic devices using triangular corrugations on the back metallic contact. We computationally show 21.9% overall absorptivity in a 100-nmthick silicon layer, ...