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    • An animation system for rigid and deformable models 

      Güdükbay, Uğur; Özgüç, B.; Tokad, Y. (1993)
      We describe a system for the animation of rigid and deformable models. The system uses the approaches from elasticity theory for animating the models. Two different formulations, namely the primal and the hybrid formulations, ...
    • HandVR: a hand-gesture-based interface to a video retrieval system 

      Genç, S.; Baştan M.; Güdükbay, Uğur; Atalay, V.; Ulusoy, Özgür (Springer U K, 2015)
      Using one’s hands in human–computer interaction increases both the effectiveness of computer usage and the speed of interaction. One way of accomplishing this goal is to utilize computer vision techniques to develop ...