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    • English-medium higher education: dilemma and problems 

      Collins, A. B. (Ani Publishing, Ani Yayincilik, 2010)
      Problem statement: "Non-English speaking" countries have no choice but to learn English in order to survive in the international market. Establishing English-medium higher education institutions is one of the educational ...
    • Entertaining international visitors — the hybrid nature of tourism shows 

      Ryan, C.; Collins, A. B. (Routledge, 2008)
      Given that a post-modern perspective of tourism has introduced a new gaze of the destination as a construction of both visitor perception and supplier commodification, the language of cultural compression and place ...
    • The ethical ideologies of tourism marketers 

      Yaman, R. H.; Gurel, E. (Pergamon Press, 2006-04)
      This article reports on the findings of the first phase of a wide-ranging study that aims to determine whether tourism managers from different cultures differ in ethical decisionmaking. It examines the ethical ideologies ...
    • Ethical leadership and workplace bullying in higher education 

      Erkutlu, H.; Chafra, Jamel (Hacettepe Üniversitesi, 2014)
      This study examines the relationship between ethical leadership and workplace bullying and the mediating roles of psychological safety and psychological contract fulfillment on that relationship in higher education. The ...
    • European women in computing 

      Hanson, V.; Ayfer R.; Bachmayer, B. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014)
    • Exact expression and tight bound on pairwise error probability for performance analysis of turbo codes over Nakagami-m fading channels 

      Ali, S. A.; Kambo, N. S.; İnce, E. A. (IEEE, 2007)
      This letter presents derivation for an exact and efficient expression on pairwise error probability over fully interleaved Nakagami-m fading channels under ideal channel state information at the decoder. As an outcome, ...
    • Examining the effects of moral development level, self-concept, and self-monitoring on consumers’ ethical attitudes 

      Kavak, B.; Gürel, E.; Eryiğit, C.; Özkan Tektaş, Ö. (Springer Netherlands, 2009)
      This study investigates the possible effects of self-concept, self-monitoring, and moral development level on dimensions of consumers’ ethical attitudes. ‘‘Actively benefiting from illegal activities,’’ ‘‘actively benefiting ...
    • Exchange rate exposure and real exports 

      Solakoglu, M. N. (Routledge, 2010)
      This study investigates the relationship between real exports and exchange rate risk for Turkish firms between 2001 and 2003. Different from earlier studies, the analysis is conducted at the firm level with an exchange ...
    • Exchange rate volatility and exports: a firm-level analysis 

      Solakoglu, M. N.; Solakoglu, E. G.; Demirag, T. (Routledge, 2008)
      The relationship between real exports and exchange rate volatility is investigated using panel data analysis at the firm level. Results indicate that there is no negative or positive relationship between volatility and ...
    • Exercise option 

      Solakoğlu, M. Nihat (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2009)
    • An experiment to observe the impact of UML diagrams on the effectiveness of software requirements inspections 

      Albayrak, Özlem (IEEE, 2009)
      Software inspections aim to find defects early in the development process and studies have found them to be effective. However, there is almost no data available regarding the impact of UML diagram utilization in software ...
    • Exploiting linearity of modular multiplication 

      Yıldırım, Hamdi Murat (Springer, 2020)
      The XOR Open image in new window and the addition ⊞⊞ operations have been widely used as building blocks for many cryptographic primitives. These operations and the multiplication ⊙⊙ operation are successively used in the ...
    • Exploring the visitors’ perceptions and experiences of museums 

      Gürel, Eda; Nielsen, Axel (Springer, Cham, 2018)
      In order to increase visitor numbers and survive in the long run, today’s museums need to understand their visiting publics including cultural tourists. Therefore, this chapter aims to understand various publics, their ...
    • Factors influencing outbound medical travel from the USA 

      Collins, Ayşe; Medhekar, A.; Wong, H. Y.; Çobanoğlu, C. (Emerald Group Publishing, 2019)
      The purpose of this paper is to explore how Americans choose a country and medical facility to travel abroad for medical treatment based on the following factors country environment, tourism destination, medical tourismcosts ...
    • Fair task allocation in crowdsourced delivery 

      Basik, F.; Gedik, B.; Ferhatosmanoglu, H.; Wu, K. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2018)
      Faster and more cost-efficient, crowdsourced delivery is needed to meet the growing customer demands of many industries. In this work, we introduce a new crowdsourced delivery platform that takes fairness towards workers ...
    • Finding the best portable congruential random number generators 

      Sezgin, F.; Sezgin, T. M. (Elsevier, 2013-08)
      Linear congruential random number generators must have large moduli to attain maximum periods, but this creates integer overflow during calculations. Several methods have been suggested to remedy this problem while obtaining ...
    • Focusing on evaluation of teacher development? a model for school-based supervision 

      Baş-Collins, Ayşe (Türk Eğitim Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi, 2002)
      ll aspects of work, and even play, require an allusive entity called supervision. Supervision models vary from loosely organized structures, to strict activity overview. The 'instructional supervisory role" may be one ...
    • Foreign banks: executive jobs for Turkish women? 

      Culpan, O.; Marzotto, T.; Demir, N. (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2007)
      Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine the employment policies and practices of Turkish banks and how these practices affect the hiring and promotion of women. Turkey's banking sector consists of state-owned, ...
    • Foreword 

      Akşit, Tijen; Mengü, H. I.; Turner, R. (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018)
    • Futures contract 

      Solakoğlu, M. Nihat (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2009)