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    • Editorial Preface 

      Gheondea, Aurelian; Şabac, M. (The Theta Foundation, 2003)
    • Introduction  

      Lemmermeyer, Franz; Roquette, Peter (Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 2006)
    • On the zeros of tails of power series 

      Ostrovskii, Iossif Vladimirovich (Birkhauser Verlag, 2000)
      Let f(z)=∑k=0∞akzkf(z)=∑k=0∞akzk (1.1) be a power series with a positive radius of convergence. Let sn(z)=∑k=0nakzk,tn(z)=∑k=n+1∞akzksn(z)= ...
    • The Hilbert transform, rearrangements, and logarithmic determinants 

      Matsaev, V.; Ostrovskii, Iossif; Sodin, M. (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Science, 2002)
    • A survey of results on primes in short intervals 

      Yıldırım, Cem Yalçın (CRC Press, 1998)
    • Preface 

      Stepanov, Serguei A. (CRC Press, 1998)
    • Fibre products, character sums and geometric Goppa codes 

      Stepanov, Serguei A. (CRC Press, 1998)
      The purpose of this paper is to construct some new families of smooth projective curves over a finite field Fq with extremely many Fq-rational points. The genus in every such family is considerably less than the number ...
    • Hessian Tensor and standard static space-times 

      Dobarro, F.; Ünal, Bülent (2008)
      In this brief survey, we will remark the interaction among the Hessian tensor on a semi-Riemannian manifold and some of the several questions in Lorentzian (and also in semi-Riemannian) geometry where this 2-covariant ...
    • The development of the principal genus theorem 

      Lemmermeyer, Franz (Springer, 2007)
      Genus theory today belongs to algebraic number theory and deals with a certain part of the ideal class group of a number field that is more easily accessible than the rest. Historically, the importance of genus theory stems ...
    • Polarization of free electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation in quantum domain 

      Shumovsky, Alexander S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998-07-06)
      Il is shown that conventional disreg;ird.of lo.ngitudinal component, which always e~ists iil radiation ofa localized source, can lead to some. qualitative errors in the description 9f polarization within the quantum domain. ...
    • Persistent perfect entanglement in atomic systems 

      Çakir, Ö.; Can, M. A.; Klyachko, A. A.; Shumovsky, A. S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2004)
      It is show that the system of an even number of three-level atoms in the A configuration in a cavity can evolve into a persistent maximum entangled state. The time of formation or such an entangled state is estimated.
    • Maximum entanglement 

      Klyachko, A. A.; Shumovsky, A. S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2003-08)
      We discuss a novel variational principle in quantummechanics defining maximum entangled states in terms of quantum fluctuations of observables specifying these stales.
    • Steady-state bipartite entanglement supported by a squeezed environment 

      Can, M. A.; Çakir, Ö.; Günhan, A. C.; Klyachko, A. A.; Pak, N. K.; Shumovsky, A. S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2005-05)
      We examine the entanglement of two atoms induced by an external quantum system. Both two-level atoms are coupled to a third two-level system by dipole interaction, and the third system is under the influence of a certain ...
    • The problem of localizing photons 

      Shumovsky, A. S.; Klyachko, A. A. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2001-01)
      It is shown that the boundary conditions, specifying the plane waves of photons, are incapable of description of the photon localization at detection and emission. It is also shown that deflection from the plane waves ...
    • Non-oscillating Paley-wiener functions 

      Ostrovskii, I. V.; Ulanovskii, A. (Springer-Verlag, 2004)
      A non-oscillating Paley-Wiener function is a real entire functionf of exponential type belonging toL 2(R) and such that each derivativef (n),n=0, 1, 2,…, has only a finite number of real zeros. It is established that the ...
    • Classical Zariski pairs 

      Degtyarev, D. (Worldwide Center of Mathematics, 2010)
      We compute the fundamental groups of the complements of all irreducible plane sextics constituting classical Zariski pairs.
    • Semicommutativity of amalgamated rings 

      Kose, H.; Kurtulmaz, Y.; Ungor, B.; Harmancı, A. (Journal of Mathematical Research with Applications, 2018)
      In this paper, we study some cases when an amalgamated construction A ◃▹f I of a ring A along an ideal I of a ring B with respect to a ring homomorphism f from A to B, is prime, semiprime, semicommutative, nil-semicommutative ...
    • Waring-Goldbach problem with Piatetski-Shapiro primes 

      Akbal, Y.; Güloğlu, A. M. (Institut de Mathematique de Bordeaux, 2018)
      In this paper, we exhibit an asymptotic formula for the number of representations of a large integer as a sum of a fixed power of Piatetski-Shapiro primes, thereby establishing a variant of Waring-Goldbach problem with ...
    • Interpolation for completely positive maps: Numerical solutions 

      Ambrozie, C.; Gheondea, A. (Societatea de Stiinte Matematice din Romania, 2018)
      We present a few techniques to find completely positive maps between full matrix algebras taking prescribed values on given data, based on semidefinite programming, convex minimization supported by a numerical example, as ...