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    • Beginning scholars for the future 

      Karant-Nunn, S. C.; McClendon, M. C.; Nivre, E. W.; Nelson, E.; Kurtuluş, Gül; Hamlin, H.; Clulow, A.; Rose, C.; Balserak, J.; Puf, H.; Daybell, J.; Ryrie, A. (Sixteenth Century Journal Publishers, 2019)
    • Charismatic masculinity in David Malouf's fiction 

      Randall, D. (2010)
      This examination of charismatic masculinity and the representation of gender in Malouf’s fiction concentrates on the short story collection Every Move You Make.
    • World ecology in Martineau’s And Gaskell’s colonial pastorals 

      Çelikkol, Ayşe (Oxford University Press, 2020)
      The pastoral tends to offer a retreat from modern life, but Harriet Martineau and Elizabeth Gaskell reverse this pattern. They both turn to the colonies to reconcile the pastoral mode with capitalism, and, in their pastoral ...