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    • The effect of uncertainty on learning in game-like environments 

      Ozcelik, E.; Cagiltay, N. E.; Ozcelik, N. S. (Pergamon Press, 2013)
      Considering the role of games for educational purposes, there has an increase in interest among educators in applying strategies used in popular games to create more engaging learning environments. Learning is more fun and ...
    • Task allocation onto a hypercube by recursive mincut bipartitioning 

      Ercal, F.; Ramanujam, J.; Sadayappan, P. (Elsevier, 1990)
      An efficient recursive task allocation scheme, based on the Kernighan-Lin mincut bisection heuristic, is proposed for the effective mapping of tasks of a parallel program onto a hypercube parallel computer. It is evaluated ...
    • Tutorial services for students at Bilkent University an evaluation after five years 

      Çelik, B. K.; Özdemir, B. U.; Verhoeven, J. M. (Sense Publishers, 2008)
      To realize our mission as academic coordinators for engineering students at Bilkent University, we facilitate in different ways tutorial services. These focus on the first year courses for physics, mathematics and computer ...