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    • ACM-W: global growth for a local impact 

      Tims, J.; Ayfer, Reyyan (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2021-05-19)
      ACM-W is the community within the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) that is dedicated to issues of gender equality in Computer Science. ACM-W works globally to support, celebrate and advocate for the full participation ...
    • Advantage of using Web 2.0 applications in class 

      Aydinol, Ayşe Begüm; Gültekin, Özgür (ACM, 2010)
      In this study the advantage of using Web 2.0 applications in terms of increasing student attention and enthusiasm will be emphasized by presenting the example of community service activities which were supported by the ...
    • Assessment methods and how teachers and students view them in a computer science course at Uppsala University 

      Ezel, Mithat Canberk (ACM, 2010)
      I have examined concepts of assessments and aimed to see differences between teachers and students opinions. I created a questionnaire and sent it to three groups in CS department at Uppsala University. These groups were ...
    • Bilkent news portal: A personalizaba system with new event detection and tracking capabilities 

      Can, Fazlı; Koçberber, Seyit; Bağlıoğlu, Özgür; Kardaş, Süleyman; Öcalan, Hüseyin Çağdaş; Uyar, Erkan (ACM, 2008)
    • The effect of video tutorials on learning spreadsheets 

      Aydınol, Ayşe Begüm; Gültekin, Özgür (ACM, 2010)
      In this study a video tutorial for spreadsheet use (Excel) will be prepared by two undergraduate students by using a recorder and applied on a group of students to understand how effective this kind of a tutorial is to ...
    • Fine arts perspective in user interface design 

      Kültür, Can; Veryeri Alaca I. (ACM, 2009)
      In this poster, we first aim to explain an interdisciplinary approach and question an idea and attempt. Second, we aim to underline challenges and enablers of such an attempt. This idea can be briefly summarized as "inclusion ...
    • Keeping the pace in CS-1 through the use of CMS 

      Kültür, Can (ACM, 2009)
      In this poster, it is aimed to share the experience of using course management systems (CMS) in a CS-1 course. The aim was to focus on the individual needs of students while learning programming. Creating a social online ...
    • OPAC Kullanıcıların bilgi arama stratejilerinin analizi 

      Olcay, N. E.; Koçberber, Seyit; Soydal, İ.; Alır, G. (Hacettepe Üniversitesi Edebiyat Fakültesi Dekanlığı, 2008)
      İşlem Kütüklerinin izlenmesi yöntemi, son yıllarda kullanıcıların bilgisayar ile olan etkileşimlerini ortaya çıkarmak ve ekran başında sergiledikleri davranışları izleyebilmek için araştırmacılar tarafından başvurulan ...
    • Use of intuitive tools to enhance student learning and user experience 

      Altın, Rukiye; Bektik, Mustafa; Ekşioǧlu, Nuray; Koray, Can; Öner, Ömer Canbek; Sadetaş, Merve; Şener, Hilal; Şimşek, D.; Ma, C. C.; Price, C.; Routh, C. R. (ACM, 2009)
      Most user interfaces today present system functions by use of verbal or iconic symbols on static 2D menu pages organized in a hierarchical system [1]. This is unnatural to all human beings and must be learned, thus being ...
    • Working across time zones in cross-cultural student teams 

      Altın, Rükiye; Bektik, Mustafa; Ekşioglu, Nuray; Koray, Can; Öner, Ömer Canbek; Sadetaş, Merve; Şener, Hilal; Şimşek, Duygu; Ma, C. C.; Price, C.; Routh, C. (ACM, 2009)
      The ability to collaborate with fellow workers from different cultures on international projects is a key asset in today's job market . International projects add new dimensions to student teamwork. These types of projects ...