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    • Effects of hue, saturation, and brightness on preference 

      Camgöz, N.; Yener, C.; Güvenç, D. (Wiley, 2002)
      A study was done to investigate preference responses for foreground-background color relationships. To do this, 123 university undergraduates in Ankara, Turkey, were asked to view eight background colors selected from HSB ...
    • Effects of hue, saturation, and brightness: part 2-attention 

      Camgöz, N.; Yener, C.; Güvenç, D. (Wiley, 2004)
      This is the second part of an experiment by Camgöz, Yener and Güvenç, which investigates attention responses for foreground-background colour relationships. One hundred and twenty three university undergraduates in Ankara, ...
    • Impact of lighting arrangements and illuminances on different impressions of a room 

      Durak, A.; Camgöz Olguntürk, N.; Yener, C.; Güvenç, D.; Gürçinar, Y. (Elsevier, 2007)
      This study explores whether different lighting arrangements (general lighting, wall washing and cove lighting) and different illuminances (500 and 320 lux) could affect the perception of the same space. An experimental ...