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  • Phase transitions and renormalization-group theory 

    Berker, A. Nihat (1989-07)
    The study of critical phenomena targets the qualitatively new phenomena that occur through the interactions of very large numbers of degrees of freedom. Such situations are typically realized near the onset of the transition ...
  • Quasi-equivalence of bases in some Whitney spaces 

    Goncharov, Alexander; Şengül, Yasemin (Cambridge University Press, 2021-05-18)
    If the logarithmic dimension of a Cantor-type set K is smaller than 1 , then the Whitney space E(K) possesses an interpolating Faber basis. For any generalized Cantor-type set K, a basis in E(K) can be presented by ...
  • Lines in supersingular quartics 

    Degtyarev, Alex (Nihon Sugakkai,Mathematical Society of Japan, 2021-10-19)
    We show that the number of lines contained in a supersingular quartic surface is 40 or at most 32, if the characteristic of the field equals 2, and it is 112, 58, or at most 52, if the characteristic equals 3. If the quartic ...
  • From your nose to your toes: a review of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 pandemic‒associated pernio 

    Arkin, L. M.; Moon, J. J.; Tran, J. M.; Asgari, S.; O'Farrelly, C.; Casanova, J. -L.; Cowen, E. W.; Mays, J. W.; Singh, A. M.; Drolet, B. A.; Aiuti, A.; Belot, A.; Bolze, A.; Bondarenko, A.; Sediva, A.; Shcherbina, A.; Planas, A. M.; Condino-Neto, A.; Pujol, A.; Catherine, B.; Flores, C.; Rodríguez-Gallego, C.; Prando, C.; Dalgard, C. L.; Roger, C.; Mansouri, D.; van, de Beek, D.; Vinh, D. C.; Hsieh, E.; Andreakos, E.; Haerynck, F.; Uddin, F.; Casari, G.; Novelli, G.; Pesole, G.; Meyts, I.; Tancevski, I.; Fellay, J.; Tur, J.; Kisand, K.; Okamoto, K.; Mironska, K.; Abel, L.; Renia, L.; Ng, L. F. P.; Shahrooei, M.; Soler-Palacín, P.; Brodin, P.; Pan-Hammarström, Q.; Halwani, R.; Perez, de Diego, R.; Al-Muhsen, S.; Espinosa-Padilla, S.; Okada, S.; Özçelik, Tayfun; Tayoun, A. A.; Karamitros, T.; Mogensen, T. H.; Lau, Y. L. (Elsevier Ltd, 2021)
    Despite thousands of reported patients with pandemic-associated pernio, low rates of seroconversion and PCR positivity have defied causative linkage to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Pernio ...
  • Exceptional adaptable MWIR thermal emission for ordinary objects covered with thin VO2 film 

    Durna, Yılmaz; Kocer, Hasan; Aydın, Koray; Cakir, Mehmet Cihan; Soydan, Mahmut Can; Odabasi, Oguz; Işık, Halil; Ozbay, Ekmel (Elsevier Ltd, 2021-01-25)
    Monotonous thermal radiation emitted from an ordinary object can be brought into a dynamic and versatile form that can be shaped according to the application area with the ingenious design of the surface coatings. Building ...
  • Cyclicity of elliptic curves modulo primes in arithmetic progressions 

    Yıldırım, Akbal; Güloğlu, Ahmet M. (Cambridge University Press, 2021-05-03)
    We consider the reduction of an elliptic curve defined over the rational numbers modulo primes in a given arithmetic progression and investigate how often the subgroup of rational points of this reduced curve is cyclic.
  • Current transport properties of (Au/Ni)/HfAlO3/n-Si metal–insulator–semiconductor junction 

    Arslan, Engin; Badali, Yosef; Aalizadeh, Majid; Altındal, Semsettin; Ozbay, Ekmel (Elsevier Ltd, 2020-09-11)
    In this study, HfAlO3 ternary alloy thin film was grown on n-type silicon using the atomic layer deposition method. The current transport mechanisms in the (Au/Ni)/HfAlO3/n-Si junction were examined over a wide temperature ...
  • “Books i used as a child were mathematically incorrect”: reasons to use children’s shape-related books as a resource to improve mathematical knowledge for teaching 

    Alexander, Anita N.; Nurnberger-Haag, Julie; Singh, Rashmi; Wernet, Jamie L. W. (Modestum Publishing Ltd., 2021-04-05)
    Some goals of mathematics teacher education include ensuring that pre-service teachers (PSTs) have strong content knowledge, the skill to anticipate and interpret student thinking, the ability to plan how to respond, and ...
  • A global effort to dissect the human genetic basis of resistance to SARS-CoV-2 infection 

    Andreakos, Evangelos; Abel, Laurent; Vinh, Donald C; Kaja, Elżbieta; Drolet, Beth A.; Zhang, Qian; O'Farrelly, Cliona; Novelli, Giuseppe; Rodríguez-Gallego, Carlos; Haerynck, Filomeen; Prando, Carolina; Pujol, Aurora; Su, Helen C.; Casanova, Jean-Laurent; Spaan, András N; Bastard, Paul; Biggs, Catherine M; Bigio, Benedetta; Boisson, Bertrand; Bolze, Alexandre; Bondarenko, Anastasiia; Brodin, Petter; Chakravorty, Samya; Christodoulou, John; Cobat, Aurelié; Condino-Neto, Antonio; Constantinescu, Stefan N; Feldman, Hagit Baris; Fellay, Jacques; Flores, Carlos; Halwani, Rabih; Jouanguy, Emmanuelle; Lau, Yu-Lung; Meyts, Isabelle; Mogensen, Trine H; Okada, Satoshi; Okamoto, Keisuke; Özçelik, Tayfun; Pan-Hammarström, Qiang; Diego, Rebeca Pérez de; Planas, Anna M; Puel, Anne; Quintana-Murci, Lluis; Renia, Laurent; Resnick, Igor; Sediva, Anna; Shcherbina, Anna; Slaby, Ondrej; Tancevski, Ivan; Turvey, Stuart E; Uddin, K M Furkan; Beek, Diederik van de; Zatz, Mayana; Zawadzki, Pawel (Springer Nature, 2021-10-18)
    SARS-CoV-2 infections display tremendous interindividual variability, ranging from asymptomatic infections to life-threatening disease. Inborn errors of, and autoantibodies directed against, type I interferons (IFNs) account ...
  • The pulse shape effect on signal-to-noise ratio for φ-OTDR systems 

    Uyar, Faruk; Nehir, Anıl; Kartaloğlu, Tolga; Özbay, Ekmel; Özdur, İ. (Optica Publishing Group, 2021)
    We experimentally investigate the effect of the probe pulse shape on the performance of φ-OTDR based distributed vibration sensors by comparing the SNR values for rectangular, Gaussian and triangular pulses.
  • Spatial resolution analysis of dual-pulse ϕ-OTDR systems 

    Yıldız, Muhammed Kaan; Uyar, Faruk; Kartaloğlu, Tolga; Özbay, Ekmel; Özdur, İ. (Optica Publishing Group, 2021)
    This work analyzes the spatial resolution of the dual-pulse -OTDR systems by changing the dual-pulse parameters and demonstrates that the spatial resolution corresponds to half of the fiber region occupied by the dual-pulse train.
  • SARS-CoV-2–related MIS-C: A key to the viral and genetic causes of Kawasaki disease? 

    Sancho-Shimizu, V.; Brodin, P.; Cobat, A.; Biggs, C. M.; Toubiana, J.; Lucas, C. L.; Henrickson, S. E.; Belot, A.; MIS-C@CHGE; Tangye, S. G.; D. Milner, J.; Levin, M.; Abel, L.; Bogunovic, D.; Casanova, J.-L.; Zhang, S. -Y.; Özçelik, Tayfun (Rockefeller University Press, 2021)
    Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) emerged in April 2020 in communities with high COVID-19 rates. This new condition is heterogenous but resembles Kawasaki disease (KD), a well-known but poorly understood ...
  • State of the art and prospects for Halide Perovskite nanocrystals 

    Dey, A.; Ye, J.; De, A.; Debroye, E.; Ha, S. K.; Bladt, E.; Kshirsagar, A. S.; Wang, Z.; Yin, J.; Wang, Y.; Quan, L. N.; Yan, F.; Gao, M.; Li, X.; Shamsi, J.; Debnath, T.; Cao, M.; Scheel, M. A.; Kumar, S.; Steele, J. A.; Gerhard, M.; Chouhan, L.; Xu, K.; Wu, X-g; Li, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Han, C.; Dutta, A.; Vincon, I.; Rogach, A. L.; Nag, A.; Samanta, A.; Korgel, B. A.; Shih, C.-J.; Gamelin, D. R.; Son, D. H.; Zeng, H.; Zhong, H.; Sun, H.; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Scheblykin, I. G.; Mora-Seró, I.; Stolarczyk, J. K.; Zhang, J. Z.; Feldmann, J.; Hofkens, J.; Luther, J. M.; Pérez-Prieto, J.; Li, L.; Manna, L.; Bodnarchuk, M. I.; Kovalenko, M. V.; Roeffaers, M. B. J.; Pradhan, N.; Mohammed, O. F.; Bakr, O. M.; Yang, P.; Müller-Buschbaum, P.; Kamat, P. V.; Bao, Q.; Zhang, Q.; Krahne, R.; Galian, R. E.; Stranks, S. D.; Bals, S.; Biju, V.; Tisdale, W. A.; Yan, Y.; Hoye, R. L. Z.; Polavarapu, L. (American Chemical Society, 2021-06-17)
    Metal-halide perovskites have rapidly emerged as one of the most promising materials of the 21st century, with many exciting properties and great potential for a broad range of applications, from photovoltaics to optoelectronics ...
  • Discovery of cancer-specific and independent prognostic gene subsets of the slit-robo family using TCGA-PANCAN datasets 

    Özhan, Ayşe; Tombaz, Melike; Konu, Özlen (Mary Ann Liebert, 2021-12-08)
    The Slit-Robo family of axon guidance molecules works in concert, playing important roles in organ devel opment and cancer. Expressions of individual Slit-Robo genes have been used in calculating univariable hazard ratios ...
  • Single-mode lasing from a single 7 nm thick monolayer of colloidal quantum wells in a monolithic microcavity 

    Foroutan-Barenji, Sina; Erdem, Onur; Delikanlı, Savaş; Yağcı, Hüseyin Bilge; Gheshlaghi, Negar; Altıntaş, Yemliha; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2021-03-03)
    In this work, monolithically-fabricated vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) of densely-packed, orientation-controlled, atomically flat colloidal quantum wells (CQWs) using a self-assembly method is reported ...
  • On the influence of the fixed points of an automorphism to the structure of a group 

    Kızmaz, Muhammet Yasir (Academic Press, 2021-01-06)
    Let α be a coprime automorphism of a group G of prime order and let P be an α-invariant Sylow p-subgroup of G. Assume that p∉π(CG(α)). Firstly, we prove that G is p-nilpotent if and only if CNG(P)(α) centralizes P. In the ...
  • Stabilization of higher order Schrödinger equations on a finite interval: part II 

    Özsarı, Türker; Yılmaz, K. C. (AIMS Press, 2021-07)
    Backstepping based controller and observer models were designed for higher order linear and nonlinear Schrödinger equations on a finite interval in [3] where the controller was assumed to be acting from the left endpoint ...
  • Correction to: Active tuning from narrowband to broadband absorbers using a sub-wavelength VO2 embedded layer 

    Osgouei, Ataollah Kalantari; Hajian, Hodjat; Khalichi, Bahram; Serebryannikov, Andriy E.; Ghobadi, Amir; Özbay, Ekmel (Springer, 2021-02-04)
    Metamaterial perfect absorbers (MPAs) with dynamic thermal tuning features are able to control the absorption performance of the resonances, providing diverse applications spanning from optical switches and filters to ...
  • Correction to: Modelling personal cautiousness during the COVID-19 pandemic: a case study for Turkey and Italy 

    Bulut, H.; Gölgeli, M.; Atay, Fatihcan M. (Springer, 2021-06-14)
    Although policy makers recommend or impose various standard measures, such as social distancing, movement restrictions, wearing face masks and washing hands, against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, individuals follow ...
  • Transcriptome profiles associated with selenium-deficiency-dependent oxidative stress identify potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets in liver cancer cells 

    Gözen, D.; Kahraman, D. C.; Narcı, K.; Shehwana, H.; Konu, Özlen; Çetin-Atalay, Rengül (Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey - TUBITAK,Turkiye Bilimsel ve Teknik Arastirma Kurumu, 2021-04-20)
    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancer types with high mortality rates and displays increased resistance to various stress conditions such as oxidative stress. Conventional therapies have low ...

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