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    • A feminist approach to family folklore: "Aganigi Naganigi" 

      Uçar, A. (2006)
      This article is devoted to analysis of gender stereotyping in a TV commercial with a special focus on patriarchal family and family folklore. A recent TV commercial promoting consumption of hazelnuts, namely "Cave Man", ...
    • Industrialization 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      The process of industrialization, which began in the United States during the early nineteenth century, had an enormous impact on American constructions of masculinity. It complicated preindustrial notions of manhood based ...
    • Patriarchy 

      Winter, Thomas (SAGE Publications, Inc., 2004)
      Patriarchy—the governance of the household and its members by the male paterfamilias(father of the family), and the social relations this arrangement entails—has empowered men in both private and public life and defined ...