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  • Preface 

    Doğaç, A.; Özsu, M. T.; Ulusoy, Özgür (Idea Group Publishing, 1999)
  • Learning bayesian classifiers for scene classification with a visual grammar 

    Aksoy, Selim; Koperski, K.; Tusk, C.; Marchisio, G.; Tilton, J. C. (IEEE, 2005-03)
    A challenging problem in image content extraction and classification is building a system that automatically learns high-level semantic interpretations of images. We describe a Bayesian framework for a visual grammar that ...
  • Sharing DSS by the Chinese remainder theorem 

    Kaya, K.; Selçuk, Ali Aydın (2012)
  • Joint compartmented threshold access structures 

    Selçuk, Ali Aydın; Yılmaz, Ramazan (2012)
  • Generic construction of trace and revoke schemes 

    Ak, Murat; Kiayias, A.; Pehlivanoğlu, S.; Selçuk, Ali Aydın (2012)
  • FEM Based design and simulation tool for MRI birdcage coils Including eigenfrequency analysis 

    Gürler, Necip; İder, Yusuf Ziya (2012)
    Radio Frequency (RF) birdcage coils are widely used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Before the actual construction of the coil, not only calculating the capacitance value, which is necessary for the coil to resonate ...
  • HMM Based behavior recognition of laboratory animals 

    Sandıkçı, S; Duygulu, Pınar; Özgüler, A. Bülent (ICPR, 2012)
    In pharmacological experiments, a popular method to discover the effects of psychotherapeutic drugs is to monitor behaviors of laboratory mice subjected to drugs by cameras. Automating behavior analysis of laboratory ...
  • Link recommendation in P2P social networks 

    Aytaş, Yusuf; Ferhatosmanoğlu, Hakan; Ulusoy, Özgür (WOSS, 2012)
    Social networks have been mostly based on a centralized infrastructure where the owner hosts all the data and services. This model of “fat server & thin clients” results in many systems and practical problems such as ...
  • Localizing the excitation to reduce scan time using nonlinear gradient fields 

    Kopanoğlu, Emre; Yılmaz, Uğur; Akın, Burak; Açıkel, Volkan; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    elatively low SAR, but they cannot excite local regions and therefore causes long scan times. Although small volumes can be excited using multi-dimensional excitation pulses, such pulses are long and/or have relatively ...
  • Decreasing SAR of a multi-dimensional central brightening inhomogeneity correction pulse using nonlinear gradient fields and VERSE 

    Kopanoğlu, Emre; Gökhalk, Yıldıray; Yılmaz, Uğur; Açıkel, Volkan; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    To correct for B1 inhomogeneity artifacts, multi-dimensional pulses are widely used. However, such pulses increase SAR significantly. In this study, we compare, and combine two SAR reduction methods, the variable rate ...
  • VERSE optimized multi-channel transmission 

    Mahçiçek, Davut I.; Bayındır, H. Ö.; Demir, Taner; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and B1 inhomoeneity are two main problems of high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Multi-channel transmit systems may be used to fight againts inhomogeneity problems. Variable Rate Selective ...
  • Interactive real time inductively coupled catheter coil tracking using a transmit array system 

    Yılmaz, Uğur; Pan, L.; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    Inductively coupled catheter coils are advantageous for interventional procedures, since they require no connection to MR scanners, which reduces the difficulties such as device-handling and RF safety problems faced with ...
  • Mode matrix tranceiver surface coil 

    Demir, Taner; Türk, Esra Abacı; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    The concept of a mode matrix tranceiver surface coil for transmit array system is introduced. The coil performance is experimentally tested and the concept of mode matrix transmission is verified.
  • Detection of MR signal during RF excitation using a transmit array system 

    Özen, Ali Çağlar; Ertan, Koray; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    Concurrent RF transmission and signal reception is significant for applications including imaging species with ultra short T2 values, and measurement of spin properties during excitation. In this study, magnetic field ...
  • Analysis of B1 mapping by Bloch Siegert Shift 

    Türk, Esra Abacı; İder, Yusuf Ziya; Atalar, Ergin (ISMRM, 2012)
    In this study, B1 mapping by the Bloch-Siegert shift is analyzed with simulations and experiments. The importance of the pulse duration and the crusher gradients are investigated. It is shown that the off-resonance pulse ...
  • Reliability-aware 3D chip multiprocessor design 

    Öztürk, Özcan; Aktürk, İsmail (IEEE, 2012-06)
    Ability to stack separate chips in a single package enables three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs). Heterogeneous 3D ICs provide even better opportunities to reduce the power and increase the performance per unit ...
  • Physics and applications of defect structures in photonic crystals 

    Özbay, Ekmel; Bayındır, Mehmet (Springer, 2003)
    We propose and demonstrate a new type of propagation mechanism for electromagnetic waves in photonic band gap materials. Photons propagate through coupled cavities due to interaction between the highly localized neighboring ...
  • The linear assignment problem 

    Akgül, Mustafa (Springer, 1992)
    We present a broad survey of recent polynomial algorithms for the linear assignment problem. They all use essentially alternating trees and/or strongly feasible trees. Most of them employ Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm ...
  • Preface 

    Akgül, Mustafa; Hamacher, H. W.; Tüfekçi, S. (Springer, 1992)
  • Preface 

    Aykanat, Cevdet; Dayar, Tuğrul; Körpeoğlu, İbrahim (Springer, 2004)

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