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  • Inventory theory 

    Gürler, Ülkü; Berk, Emre (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
    Inventory theory is concerned with management of the quantity and timing of the replenishment of assets typically stored to satisfy future demands. In this chapter, we introduce the fundamentals of inventory theory and the ...
  • Problems of marketization in Romania and Turkey 

    Belk, R. W.; Ger, Güliz (JAI Press, 1994)
  • Political dynamics and administrative reform in Turkey 

    Heper, Metin; Berkman, Ümit (Greenwood Publishing, 2002)
  • Patina meets fashion: On the evaluation and devaluation of oriental carpets 

    Ger, Güliz; Csaba, F. F. (Cambridge Universty Press, 2013)
    This chapter examines how different actors account for the quality and value of oriental carpets. It introduces the subject matter through three case examples: how an auction house expert approaches establishing the market ...
  • Nonparametric bivariate estimation with randomly truncated observations 

    Gürler, Ülkü (Elsevier, 2003)
    This chapter focuses on the nonparametric estimation of the bivariate hazard and distribution functions (d.f.) when observations are subject to random truncation. Estimation of bivariate distribution and hazard functions ...
  • Smoking by women in cross-country perspective 

    Christopoulou, R.; Önder, Zeynep (Oxford University Press, 2015)
    This chapter compares patterns of smoking behavior across 10 countries for seven cohorts of women. The focus is on four measures of cohort-specific smoking behavior: the peak rate of smoking prevalence, the number of ...
  • Motivation in and of work teams: a multilevel perspective 

    Chen, G.; Göğüş, Celile Itır (Taylor & Francis, 2008)
    A major theme of this book is that contextual factors exact nontrivial inuences on employee motivation. Contributing to this theme, the present chapter examines employee motivation in the context of work groups and teams. ...
  • Debunking the myths of global consumer culture literature 

    Ger, Güliz; Karababa, E.; Kuruoğlu, A.; Türe, M.; Üstüner, T.; Yenicioğlu, B. (SAGE, 2018)
  • Combinatorial auctions in Turkish day-ahead electricity markets 

    Derinkutu, K.; Tanrısever, Fehmi; Baytugan, F.; Sezgin, M. (CRC Press, 2015)
  • M2M-fair value accounting 

    Özerhan, Y.; Sultanoğlu, Banu (Intech, 2017)
    Since the past 20 years, the value relevance of financial information based on the historical cost method has been widely criticized among the academics and the preparers of financial information. The ongoing debate over ...
  • Financial forecasting with judgement 

    Önkal-Atay, Dilek (John Wiley & Sons, 1998)
    Judgment plays a prominent role in financial forecasting. This chapter reviews previous work on judgmental forecasting of critical financial variables like earnings, exchange rates, stock prices and interest rates. Forecasting ...
  • The vortical environment: the fifth in the emery-trist levels of organizational environments 

    Babüroğlu, Oğuz (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997)
    This paper develops a conceptual scheme to extend the Emery-Trist levels of organizational environments to a fifth level consistent with premises laid in their milestone paper (Emery and Trist, Ig6S/Vol. III). The mounting ...
  • Understanding the role of relationships in making career choices among Turkish MBA students 

    Aygün, Zahide K.; Sayım, Kadire Z. (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007)
    Relationships are central to human functioning. They serve as channels for social resources such as informational, emotional and instrumental support. However, the role of these relational influences in career progress is ...
  • Queueing theory 

    Gürler, Ülkü; Berk, Emre (CRC Press, 2016)
    Queueing theory is concerned with the quantitative modeling of dynamic systems that generate waiting lines, and the analysis of the behavior of such systems in the short and long time spans. In this chapter, we present a ...
  • The good, the bad and the jolly: taste, image and the symbolic resistance to the coca-colonisation of Denmark 

    Csaba, Fabian F.; Askegaard, Soren (Routledge, 2000)
    This chapter examines the efforts of Denmark’s once favoured national cola, Jolly Cola, to resist the advancement of Coca-Cola and, to a lesser degree, Pepsi. In moving our looking glass to the struggles of this obscure ...
  • Special and ordinary times: tea in motion 

    Ger, Güliz; Kravets, Olga (Berg Publishers, 2009)
    A group of students accompanied us on a trip to Mardin, a historical city they had never seen before and had a long day visiting numerous historical sites and climbing uphill. While taken by the beauty of the architecture ...
  • Dowry: a cherished possession or an old-fashioned tradition in a modernizing society? 

    Sandıkçı, Özlem; İlhan, Ece (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2003)
  • The missing streetcar named desire 

    Belk, R. W.; Ger, Güliz; Askegaar, S. (2000)
    Desire has been a taboo word in consumer research. Two legacies of the economic and psychological parentage of the field of consumer research are its slowly disappearing cognitive information processing bias and its ...
  • Searching for a program in national participation: an action research experiment in Turkey 

    Babüroğlu, Oğuz N. (John Benjamins Publishing, 1996)
    Numerous scholars in different countries are investigating how institutions within a single country, or even between different countries, can collaborate with one another in order to, for instance, beat the Japanese at ...
  • Real estate research and education in Turkey 

    Önder, Zeynep (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002)
    Real estate was always considered to be a traditional investment choice in Turkey because of the unavailability of other investment alternatives, such as stocks and bonds, before the establishment of the Istanbul Stock ...

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