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  • SIK2 attenuates proliferation and survival of breast cancer cells with simultaneous perturbation of MAPK and PI3K/Akt pathways 

    Zohrap, N.; Saatci, Özge; Özeş, B.; Çoban, İ.; Atay, H. M.; Battaloğlu, E.; Şahin, Özgür; Buğra, K. (Impact Journals LLC, 2018)
    Salt Inducible Kinase2 (SIK2) has been shown to contribute to tumorigenesis in multiple tumor types in a dichotomous manner. However, little is known about its contribution to breast malignancies. Here, we report SIK2 as ...
  • Universal faith or Islamic denomination: on the struggle to define Alevism 

    Grigoriadis, Ioannis N.; Akdeniz, Pınar (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    The term “Alevi” is related to heterodox Islamic groups that have lived in Anatolia and its bordering regions since the introduction of Islam in the late eleventh century. It refers to a number of heterodox groups such as ...
  • "Un engin de torture, une baïonnette à crochets; une arme blanche déshonorée": an historicalarchaeological evaluation of the Sawback bayonets of the Deutsches Heer 

    Bennett, Julian (Taylor&Francis, 2019)
    The Imperial German Army (Deutsches Herr) was unique among the combatants in World War One (WW1) in issuing to a proportion of its soldiers a bayonet whose blade back was fashioned as a saw. A common belief developed quickly ...
  • To share or not to share? How emotional judgments drive online political expression in high-risk contexts 

    Dal, Ayşenur; Nisbet, E. C. (SAGE Publishing, 2020)
    Previous scholarship on networked authoritarianism has examined an array of repressive legal and political strategies employed by regimes to constrain online political expression. How the tension between citizens’ desires ...
  • Thomas Gray's elegy and the politics of memorialization 

    Williams, Jonathan C. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018)
    In this article, I argue that Thomas Gray's use of the elegy form in Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (1751) reveals poetry's struggle to know or comprehend the historical present. Not knowing how to memorialize the ...
  • The role of healthy urban performance on walkability: broadening the theory of planned behaviour 

    Seles, Emre; Afacan, Yasemin (Emerald, 2019)
    This study aims to broaden Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) by inclusion of healthy urban performance attributes of the residential neighbourhoods as an additional predictor for walking behaviour. First, the study reviews ...
  • Updating Shakespeare: reflections on the possibilities of reading and teaching Shakespeare today 

    Kurtuluş, Gül (Truman State University Press, 2019)
    The author discusses the interpretation of William Shakespeare's plays in contemporary society. Topics include the availability of online resources to be an active reader of Shakespeare's plays, the adaptations of the plays ...
  • Two roman soldiers in İstanbul: Praetorian Guardsmen or Centurions? 

    Bennett, Julian (Peeters Publishers, 2020)
    A relief panel exhibited in the National Archaeology Museum, Istanbul, shows two Roman soldiers in their ‘field-service kit’. The relief belonged originally to a monument built in AD 108/109 near what is now the village ...
  • Two famous philistines of philosophy 

    Brown, Christopher Devlin (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2020)
  • The planetary in William Morris's late romances 

    Çelikkol, Ayşe (William Morris Society, 2018)
    The metaphor of the wet highway, which Morris had rehearsed in the Water of the Wondrous Isles prior to its appearance in The Sundering Flood, ascribes to the flood the qualities associated with an artifice. The flood ...
  • Türk hukuku açısından sürreal bir problem: negatif faiz 

    Buz, Vedat (Banka ve Ticaret Hukuku Araştırma Enstitüsü, 2020)
    2008 ekonomik krizi sonrasında Avrupa’da pek çok ülkede negatif nominal faiz uygulanmaya başlanmıştır. Bu durum da hem mevduat sahipleri hem de kredi verenler açısından çeşitli hukukî sorunları beraberinde getirmiştir. ...
  • Angstrom thick ZnO passivation layer to improve the photoelectrochemical water splitting performance of a TiO 2 nanowire photoanode: The role of deposition temperature 

    Ghobadi, Amir; Ulusoy-Ghobadi, Türkan Gamze; Karadaş, Ferdi; Özbay, Ekmel (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
    In this paper, we demonstrate that angstrom thick single atomic layer deposited (ALD) ZnO passivation can signifcantly improve the photoelectrochemical (PEC) activity of hydrothermally grown TiO2 NWs. It is found that this ...
  • Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with life-threatening COVID-19 

    Bastard, P.; Rosen, L. B.; Zhang, Q.; Michailidis, E.; Hoffmann, H.-H.; Zhang, Y.; Dorgham, K.; Philippot, Q.; Rosain, J.; Béziat, V.; Manry, J.; Shaw, E.; Haljasmägi, L.; Peterson, P.; Lorenzo, L.; Bizien, L.; Trouillet-Assant, S.; Dobbs, K.; Almeida de Jesus, A.; Belot, A.; Kallaste, A.; Catherinot, E.; Tandjaoui-Lambiotte, Y.; Le Pen, J.; Kerner, G.; Bigio, B.; Seeleuthner, Y.; Yang, R.; Bolze, A.; Spaan, A. N.; Delmonte, O. M.; Abers, M. S.; Aiuti, A.; Casari, G.; Lampasona, V.; Piemonti, L.; Ciceri, F.; Bilguvar, K.; Lifton, R. P.; Vasse, M.; Smadja, D. M.; Migaud, M.; Hadjadj, J.; Terrier, B.; Duffy, D.; Quintana-Murci, L.; van de Beek, D.; Roussel, L.; Vinh, D. C.; Tangye, S. G.; Haerynck, F.; Dalmau, D.; Martinez-Picado, J.; Brodin, P.; Nussenzweig, M. C.; Boisson-Dupuis, S.; Rodríguez-Gallego, C.; Vogt, G.; Mogensen, T. H.; Oler, A. J.; Gu, J.; Burbelo, P. D.; Cohen, J. I.; Biondi, A.; Bettini, L. R.; D'Angio, M.; Bonfanti, P.; Rossignol, P.; Mayaux, J.; Rieux-Laucat, F.; Husebye, E. S.; Fusco, F.; Ursini, M. V.; Imberti, L.; Sottini, A.; Paghera, S.; Quiros-Roldan, E.; Rossi, C.; Castagnoli, R.; Montagna, D.; Özçelik, Tayfun; Licari, A.; Marseglia, G. L.; Duval, X.; Ghosn, J.; Tsang, J. S.; Goldbach-Mansky, R.; Kisand, K.; Lionakis, M. S.; Puel, A.; Zhang, S.- Y.; Holland, S. M.; Gorochov, G.; Jouanguy, E.; Rice, C. M.; Cobat, A.; Notarangelo, L. D.; Abel, L.; Su, H. C.; Casanova, J. L.; HGID Lab; NIAID-USUHS Immune Response to COVID Group; COVID Clinicians; COVID-STORM Clinicians; Imagine COVID Group; French COVID Cohort Study Group; Milieu Intérieur Consortium; CoV-Contact Cohort; Amsterdam UMC Covid-19 Biobank; COVID Human Genetic Effort (2020)
    Interindividual clinical variability in the course of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection is vast. We report that at least 101 of 987 patients with life-threatening coronavirus disease ...
  • Editorial (Weisbrode, Kenneth) 

    Scott-Smith, G.; Weisbrode, Kenneth (Brill, 2019)
  • Engaging the “Animal Question” in International Relations 

    Fougner, Tore (Oxford University Press, 2020)
    By raising the “animal question” in International Relations (IR), this essay seeks to contribute not only to put animals and human–animal relations on the IR agenda, but also to move the field in a less anthropocentric and ...
  • Electrochemical stability and ambipolar charge transport in diketopyrrolopyrrole-based organic materials 

    Ray, S.; Panidi, J.; Mukhopadhyay, T.; Salzner, Ulrike; Anthopoulos, T. D.; Patil, S. (ACS, 2019)
    An important strategy for realizing flexible complementary circuits with organic semiconductors is to achieve balanced ambipolar charge transport properties with reduced anisotropy. Here, we present a series of star-shaped ...
  • The influence of virtual reality on design process creativity in basic design studios 

    Obeid, Samah; Demirkan, Halime (Taylor&Francis, 2020)
    With the recent advancements in digital technologies, the design studios are transformed to virtual environments that offer both to design students and instructors a broader perspective in understanding the design process. ...
  • Ein Untergang im Morgenland? – Göbeklitepe als Fallstudie für die Vollendung und das Verlöschen einer späteiszeitlichen Jäger- und Sammlerkultur 

    Zimmermann, Thomas (The Oswald Spengler Society, 2020)
    The following contribution attempts to reconcile aspects of Cultural Morphology as outlined by Oswald Spengler in his seminal Decline of the West and Man & Technics with archaeological observations dating to the transitional ...
  • The fragility of rationality: George Eliot on akrasia and the law of consequences 

    Fessenbecker, Patrick (Taylor&Francis, 2020)
    George Eliot often uses the language of determinism in her novels, but we do not understand her view very well by treating such phrasing as addressing debates about the freedom of will directly. Instead she uses seemingly ...
  • The effects of video-feedback intervention to promote positive parenting and sensitive discipline for maternal sensitivity in Turkey 

    Sümer, N.; Metin-Orta, İ.; Alsancak-Akbulut, C.; Salman-Engin, Selin; İlden-Koçkar, A.; Şahin-Acar, B.; Akkol-Solakoğlu, S.; Aran, Ö.; Çakır, D. S.; Kavaklı, B.; Memişoğlu-Şanlı, A.; Sağel-Çetiner, E.; Türe, D.; Üstünel, A. Ö.; Yaşar, B. (Turkish Psychological Association, 2020)
    The aim of the current study was to examine the effectiveness of a culturally sensitive adaptation of a Video-feedback Intervention to promote ‘Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline’ (VIPP-SD) in Turkey, and to assess ...

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