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    • Development and validation of methods for the diagnosis of lung cancer via serological biomarkers 

      Akçay, Abbas Güven (Bilkent University, 2019-02)
      Over 10% of all new cancer cases are lung cancer. Moreover, estimates till 2030 indicate that already increasing lung cancer incidences will keep increasing, especially in developing countries like Turkey. Lung cancer, the ...
    • Discovering regulatory non-coding RNA interactions 

      Olgun, Gülden (Bilkent University, 2019-09)
      The vast majority of eukaryotic transcriptomes comprise noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) which are not translated into proteins. Despite the accumulating evidence on the functional roles of ncRNAs, we are still far from understanding ...
    • Early detection and staging of colorectal cancer using a panel of micro RNAs 

      Shapira, R.; Ilyayev, N.; Attali, R.; Westrich, G.; Halle, D.; Speter, C.; Stavropoulos, A. V.; Roistacher, M.; Pavlov, V.; Grinbaum, R.; Protic, P.; Gure, A. O.; Bilchik, A. J.; Stojadinovic, A.; Mitrani-Rosenbaum, S.; Nissan, A. (OMICS, 2018)
      Purpose: To improve lymph node (LN) staging in patients with colon cancer (CC). The present study describes the selection of CC-specific miRNAs and assesses their utility as a micro metastases detection assay. Methods: ...