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    • Accumulation trends of metals and a metalloid in the freshwater crayfish Astacus leptodactylus from Lake Yeniçağa (Turkey) 

      Tunca, E.; Üçüncü, E.; Kurtuluş, B.; Ozkan, A.D.; Atasagun, S. (2013)
      This study aims to determine the extent of metal pollution in Lake Yeniçaǧa (Bolu, Turkey) by investigating the accumulation trends of five metals (Al, Cu, Fe, Ni and Zn) and a metalloid (As) in gills, exoskeleton, ...
    • Almost quantum correlations 

      Navascués, M.; Guryanova, Y.; Hoban, M.J.; Acín, A. (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Quantum theory is not only successfully tested in laboratories every day but also constitutes a robust theoretical framework: small variations usually lead to implausible consequences, such as faster-than-light communication. ...
    • Stratonovich-to-Itô transition in noisy systems with multiplicative feedback 

      Pesce G.; McDaniel, A.; Hottovy, S.; Wehr J.; Volpe G. (Nature Publishing Group, 2013)
      Intrinsically noisy mechanisms drive most physical, biological and economic phenomena. Frequently, the system's state influences the driving noise intensity (multiplicative feedback). These phenomena are often modelled ...